The Town Of Somerset's Issues With The Owners Of The Brayton Point Site

There has been little communication between the St. Louis-based owners of the Brayton Point Commerce Center and the community of Somerset since the cooling towers were demolished earlier in the year, according to Somerset Selectmen Member Holly McNamara.


A verbal agreement that was allegedly made between administrators in Somerset and C.D.C  is at the center of ongoing discussions after a series of fires have broken out over the last year.


This was first reported by the digital edition of the Fall River Herald News.


WSAR spoke withMcNamara about the issue who said a sense of confusion remains between the town and C.D.C.


"No one was allowed to do anything,” she claimed. “The C.D.C admitted in public that no one allowed them to do anything. No one approved anything."


Another selectmen member, David Berube, indicated a short time ago two new business entities in Eastern Metal Recycling and Allied Salt would be able to operate prior to the normal approval process with the Zoning Board of Appeals along with the Planning Board. 


“I don't know why Mr. Berube referred to it that way,” McNamara said to WSAR in regards to Berube’s indication of things. “I think what he was trying to say is what all of us were trying to say.”


“The only agreement was that the building department was forcing C.D.C to go and force the E.M.R company to go through the approval process for the change of use for that portion of the sight,” she continued. “The selectmen can't simply go down there and tell them to do whatever they want to do. That's not our job."


The Somerset Selectmen member went on to add that social media posts on the various platforms are doing nothing to help the situation.


"A lot of frustrating things are on social media where people are kicking up the dust and twisting a lot of words around,” McNamara said. “It's actually hysteria. They're claiming that someone is lining  their pockets. That's just not happening."