Water Quality Issues Continue In Swansea

Water quality has been an issue in the town of Swansea for years now. Various social media groups have been formed in that time in hopes of dealing with the issue through awareness and communicating the problem.


An e-mail has been released from August from The Chair of Swansea Water District which was sent to Swansea Board of Selectmen Member Steve Kitchin.


Jim Hall in the message to Kitchin said “I’d be lying if I said we don’t have our work cut out for us in the next 18 months.”


Hall went on to write that “a strong positive support by B.O.S goes a long way to fight the downers and village idiots in town.”


In a separate posting on social media. Hall went on to say his “village idiots” comment in the e-mail did not refer to Swansea residents or those in town suffering from various water issues.


Community activists in Swansea have recently filed various Freedom Of Information Act requests that have been rejected as well as overtures to state and federal investigators.