Paul Schmid Talks New Football Legislation

A member of the Bristol Delegation is sponsoring legislation that would seek to have tackle football ineligible for any child to participate who have not yet reached the seventh grade.


Bristol's Eighth District State Representative wants to lower the risk of future health problems due to head injury. 


"I have a controversial bill that would say, ‘let's not have tackle football for kids until the seventh grade,” Paul Schmid told WSAR. 


He continued, “A lot of studies have shown that hits to the head are not good for you and the younger you start those hits, the worse it can become."


The topic continues to be discussed on Beacon Hill as Schmid said he has been researching locally at various practices.


"I've attended a number of practices here in Fall River of youth football,” he said. “It's wonderful what they do for the kids, giving them something after school and an outdoor, athletic activity. It gets them away from their smartphone and giving them adult guidance."


Ultimately, the representative told WSAR he wants to kickoff a conversation on when young people start playing the sport.


"Kids football programs are wonderful,” Schmid said. “I just want to get people talking about whether it is ok to be in a position of receiving hits to the head at a young age."