Congressman Kennedy Talks Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump

Massachusetts Fourth District Congressman Joseph Kennedy III was in Fall River Friday morning delivering an address to a symposium tasked with finding solutions to the issue of poverty and income imbalance in the Commonwealth.


In a conversation with the Congressman, WSAR asked about his thoughts and reactions to the ongoing impeachment process aimed at President Trump. He first addressed the public comments the President made about China


"The President's own statements and actions in broad daylight, in public, I believe constitute an impeachable offense,” Kennedy said. “Asking a foreign nation, in this case China, on live television to investigate a political rival for his own gain is illegal, unconscionable and never should have happened in the first place."


The Commonwealth Representative also talked about the whistleblower complaint in Ukraine.


"The call that raised these concerns took place the day after Director Mueller testified on Capitol Hill about the findings of his report," he said. “So now you got three concrete countries, let alone multiple instances where the President has asked from foreign nations to interfere on our democracy and our electoral process."


The process is still underway, says Kennedy. They are currently in the phase of attaining all of the information possible. 


"When it comes to the underlying issues alleged in the current series of circumstances around Ukraine and China, the House needs to get as much information as we possibly can so you're able to relate to the American public exactly what happened," Kennedy said.


The Congressman is currently in the midst of a senate campaign for the Democratic Nomination in 2020 as he tries to unseat current Junior Democratic Senator Ed Markey.