New Swansea Mall Site Updates

Richard Anagost of the Anagost Company joined Chris Carreiro on WSAR Wednesday afternoon to speak on their complex proposal for the the now Swansea Mall-area.


Over time the components of the space be re-developed beginning with the former Apex site.


"We’re envisioning a lifestyle-center,” Anagost said. “It will have experiential retail. It will have a residential component. It will have a storage component. It will have an office component which is what we're working on right now.”


The storage component will take up the former Apex space.


“We're going to propose approximately 100,000 square feet where the old Apex portion was to be storage units,” Anagost said “It will be climate-controlled with about 800 units. We're redoing the entire building all the way around."


The head of the New Hampshire-based developer laid out the phases of the process which are currently under negotiation. Part of the initial proposal is market-rate apartments.


"Phase 1-C will be 110,000 square feet of retail shops,” he said. “Some of them were there. Some of them we're currently negotiating.”


Obviously, before C comes B, says Anagost.


“They'll be a Phase 1-B,” he said. “That will consist of 144 apartments - two 72-unit buildings. One of them has parking under while the other has parking on the side. They'll be approximately 16 one-bedroom units, 96 two-bedroom units and  32 three-bedroom units.”


He continued, “Those will all be at market-rate. There is no affordable housing proposed in this project."


Artist renderings of the ideas being circulated will be made available;e likely by the end of the week. They will be e-mailed to various stakeholders who have asked for potential visuals. 


While rezoning will have to be approved, developers can continue to roll out various phases of how they envision the complex to take shape.