Cadime Wants To Improve Capital Improvement Plan

In a series of exclusive interviews with all of the Fall River City Council finalists appearing on the November 5 ballot, Will Flanagan will dedicate thirty minutes to each contender on his program on WSAR.


Incumbent Councilor Shawn Cadime was up first on Monday and Flanagan first asked what the most important thing for him is as a city councilor. 


"Holding people accountable is the biggest thing for me,” he said. “I think I get a lot of grief from people who want to label me as an obstructionist. My stance has always been that I'm not afraid to say what I truly feel and what I think is right for the city.”


Cadime said he won’t do or say anything to just move things along.


“Sometimes, a lot of people just want to approve things to get along because that's how they feel you work within an administration,” the incumbent said. “I, for one, just want to speak up on items that are either not appropriate or wasn't in the best interest of the city."


Cadime went on to say he works with his peers even if he doesn’t agree with their views. 


"I work closely with my colleagues to try to assist them with any ideas that they may have even if I don't necessarily agree with them.” he said. “Behind the scenes, I just try to give them the information they need or point them in the right direction of where to go so they can find out the information they need to find out in order to lobby for their constituents and what their beliefs are."


One subject the city council member said needs improvement is the capital improvement plan. 


"We haven't addressed capital improvement,” Cadime said. “Our capital improvement plan only includes the Department of Public Works, the Police Department and the Fire Department, as well as some buildings.” 


He went on to say its a limited plan.


“We have no capital planning for the school department,” Cadime claimed. “We don't see it for the other departments in the city and I think that's just some of the things we need to do a little bit better."


The general election in Fall River will be on Tuesday November 5th.