A Conversation With Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman

As the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission continues to sort through the situation in the city of Fall River where the licensure process has come to a halt, other wide-ranging issues continue to remain as hurdles on the cannabis industry’s path. 


WSAR news spoke with the Chairman of the Commission in the wake of the licensing process coming to a stand-still. He told us that a major goal for the entire industry right now, especially in the Commonwealth, is to eventually be apart of various chambers of commerce and accepted as doing legitimate business.


"I talked to a lot of chambers of commerce,” Steven Hoffman said. “What I say is that 'I'd like to come back here in the not-too-distant-future and see in this room people that are running licensed marijuana establishments sitting at the table next to each of you.' Because what I hope and want to see happen is that this is a normal business over time and viewed as an asset to the communities in which they operate. It generates jobs and tax revenues. I want them to be good neighbors." 


Another legitimate business aspect Hoffman said he’d like to see this industry make its way into is the right to use banks and banking services.


"There's lots of legislation being considered right now on the federal level,” he said. “I'm hopeful that it's going to happen but until then we have no choice but to do our job under the state law.”


He continued, “And what I think part of what our job is to try and help more banks come into this industry to provide at least cash management services from a public safety perspective."