The Cannabis Control Commission Responds...

In a letter released by the Cannabis Control Commission this week, Corporation Counsel Joseph Macy was informed that as of mid-September they received applications for licensure as an adult-use cannabis establishment from two entities. The letter was dated for September 19 of this year.


The Commission indicated that marijuana establishment licenses were issued to four entities while seven medical treatment center licenses have been granted.


They asked in the letter a recertification process commence, with Macy to determine if each applicant was in compliance with local permits, rules, regulations and ordinances. 


Northeast Alternatives is the only recreational cannabis dispensary in operation in the city while two medicinal locations are open - Hope Heal and Health and Nature’s Medicines. Provisional licenses were given to those two as well as Greener Leaf.


This will also include the 14 holders of letters of non-opposition and host agreements, five of which were part of the superseding indictment involving Fall River Jasiel Correia II, unsealed by prosecutors last month. 


The Vice President of the City Council Pam Laliberte-Lebeau asked Macy to hold off on any recertification asking corporation counsel to ask the commission for more time if needed to allow for the council to discuss with Macy in a public forum. 


The Bristol delegation was also informed of this, also. Bristol Sixth District State Representative Carole Fiola noted the required public meetings with residents happened in the majority of cases after host agreements were already signed. She asked that the various letters be added to the council packed on October 8 and that Macy be there to answer questions of council members. 


"There was no way for them to have any valid input because it was after the host community agreement,” she said. “One of the regulations I discussed with the chairman and he appears to really agree - that a public meeting must be held prior to issuing that host community agreement."


Fiola said she wants a future Cannabis Control Commission meeting in Fall River to happen soon.