A Conversation With Carole Fiola

WSAR News had a conversation with one of the delegation leaders in the city of Fall River. 


Bristol Sixth District State Representative Carole Fiola discussed the ongoing issues emanating from the Government Center’s 6th Floor. 


Fiola told WSAR the constant situation undermines, to some degree, how Fall River is perceived not only on Beacon Hill but elsewhere in the Commonwealth.


“People try to be respectful,” she said. “They don’t want to put salt in our wounds too much. But every meeting I have been in for for pretty much a year - and most of my colleagues would attest to as well, there’s a real elephant in the room no matter which agency we’re meeting with.”


Fiola claim Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and other state leaders know exactly whats happening and have been observing from a distance. 


“You haven’t seen the Governor or Lieutenant Governor come visit as a community because there’s too much happening,” she said. “It’s not a positive time for our community.”


Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito did appear at the dedication for the Vietnam Wall Replica Ceremony in Fall River earlier this Summer. 


Fiola claims there is a dark cloud over Fall River due to the continuing legal struggles of Mayor Jasiel Correia II. 


“It is the dark cloud,” she said. “It is affecting us. Things are not coming our way, the way they should be while the economy is the best it has been in recent recollection, to me, there could be even more happening.”


“I’m grateful to this community, the people and the business community pretty much holding things together.”