Special City Council Meeting Set For Wednesday

The Fall River City Council has set a special meeting for Wednesday at 5:15 pm in second floor council chambers.  


Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II returned to his sixth-floor office this morning prompting action from the council after he refused to adhere to their vote of temporary removal.


“My letter has indicated that since Mr. Correia has refused to comply with the council’s emergency vote he forced the council to take appropriate action, up to and including seeking enforcement of the order in court,” City Council President Cliff Ponte said.


It’s possible for the first time in over a decade the nine-member council will meet in executive session to discuss their legal options after invoking Article 3 Section 3-8 to attempt to remove Mayor Correia.


Ponte told New England media over the weekend Fall River needs a mayor they can trust.


“The office of mayor has immense power and a great deal of discretion,” the Council President said. “People need to trust the mayor and have confidence the mayor will act and make decisions that are in the best interest of this community.”


Depending on how, and when, a judge decides the issues involved in the dispute, Ponte could be acting mayor, or Correia could maintain his hold on the office at least through the end of the year.


“This is just the situation that will have to play out a day or so at a time,” Corporation Counsel Joseph Macy said. “Right now, I think everybody is acting professionally. I expect that to continue.”


Three mayoral contenders will try to secure one of two slots for November in Fall River tomorrow.