Malone Says "Don't Smoke"

As the first day of the new school year commences Wednesday morning across Fall River, the issue of vaping is an epidemic-level concern that the city is no victim to.


Fall River Public School Superintendent Matthew Malone is urging students to not vape, smoke or use any tobacco products on school grounds. 


"If you want to smoke, not on my time - not in school,” he said. “Don't bring that stuff onto our property."


Malone went on to explain that Fall River is not the only one dealing with this problem. It’s something that has reached every corner of the country.


"Vaping is a real issue across the country,” he said. “We don't allow smoking in or on school grounds and vaping counts as smoking. We don't allow that - it's a state law. It's definitely something easier to conceal. I see way too many kids vaping and thinking it's cool."


To go even deeper into this problem in schools is what other things teens can put into vaping devices. Cannabis oils are becoming a prevalent option for the same devices and easily accessible.


"Kids can go out and get marijuana plant-based oils to put in it,” Malone said. “So, you really don't know what exactly is in those things sometimes.”


The Fall River Public School Superintendent had a message for his students.  


“My own personal message to kids is please don't start vaping and don't smoke,” he asked. “Don't chew tobacco - don't do any of that. It's all bad. It leads to a lifetime of unhealthy possibilities. Don't vape in school!"


All smoking inside and outside of every Fall River public school building was prohibited several years ago.