New Economic Development Director Talks City Pier

At a recent session of the Fall River Redevelopment Authority, the city’s new Economic Development Director asked the board if they would allow her to explore other opportunities for the city pier property.


Maria Marasco discussed the work that continues on the pier near Point Gloria on Fall River’s Waterfront. When Marasco addressed the board she said it was likely time to look for alternatives with space in conjunction with Foth Engineering. 


"The question becomes - does the board wish to explore all possible uses for the pier?” She asked. “In addition to a recreational marine use to this contract. If so, is the board comfortable giving me the authority to negotiate with Foth to amend the current contract you have with them?"


Marasco noted it’s important not to limit the amount of revenue generators for any piece of the property.


"My feeling is that part of our responsibility is to explore all revenue generating opportunities," the city’s new economic development director said to the R.D.A. board.


The chairwoman of the board is Kara O’Connell. She said at the same session she would be apprehensive to support commercial fishing for that portion of the pier with her experience in the industry. 


"We have a responsibility to explore wherever we can to see what other options there are. My only thought when I initially read the commercial fishing vessel section - and I'm only limited to my experience with them, being on the Vineyard and then here in the city - I'm not quite sure we want commercial fishing vessels in the center of the city,” she explained. 


In a story reported by the digital edition of The Fall River Herald News, various agencies including MassWorks, Mass Development and Seaport Council have granted well over $3 million to the City Pier Project.