Michael Rodrigues Talks About Governor Baker Signing The Budget

Bristol-Plymouth First District State Senator who serves as Chairman of the Massachusetts Ways and Means Committee Michael Rodrigues had a conversation with WSAR about Governor Charlie Baker signing the fiscal year 2020 budget into law and in an unusual move, without utilizing any veto override power.


"The fact that the Governor signed the budget without any spending vetoes and full accepting our revenue assumption for this existing fiscal year means that we were all on the same page,” he said.


A sense of complete understanding was held between all 3 phases.


“The House, the Senate and the Governor (were all on the same page) on producing a very fiscally-responsible budget,” Rodrigues said. “It makes real targeted investment in areas of all of our shared priorities.”


Later on this Fall, when everyone returns from a Summer recess and formal session begins alterations to the Foundation Budget Formula for Public Education will continue.


"The Joint Committee on Education in the House and Senate is just about done putting their proposal together for consideration as we look forward on updating the so-called Foundation Budget of Education - the Chapter 70 funding formula,” Rodrigues said. 


“We plan on taking that up in September-October when we turn to formal session."