Should Single-Use Plastic Bags Be Banned In Fall River?

"In order to reduce plastic bag use in Fall River, we ask the council to forward this item to the Committee on Ordinances and Legislation to draft an ordinance appropriate to the city of Fall River."


City Councilor Steve Camara outlined this final resolution at a session of the Council’s Committee on Health and Environmental Affairs of a proposed ordinance that seeks to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in Fall River. 


A Westport resident and Fall River business owner argued for the proposed ban to join in over 100 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. 


"We're here because we risk creating a lot more environmental pollution if we don't act now to eliminate a variety of single-use plastics,” Ilene Sheehan said. “But we're here particularly to propose that Fall River adopt what 122 other cities and towns in Massachusetts have done which is, a ban on single-use plastic bags or grocery bags."


Council will meet again on August 12 when this resolution would likely be on the agenda and would need to be sent to Ordinances and Legislation.