A Gift For An Old Friend

"This is a request to dedicate the Doran Playground area in memory of long-time city councilor and friend Al Alves.”


Fall River School Committee Vice Chair Mark Costa suggested this at a recent session of the Fall River School Committee Facilities and Operations Sub Committee on behalf of the Chair. 


“I think it is a great suggestion,” Costa said. “He was always an advocate for education. He always stood up for the kids. He did a great deal of good for this community."


Alves passed away earlier this Summer. He was a staple in the community of Fall River, particularly in the Columbia Street area.


"Since the Doran school is very close his restaurant that he owned for many years on Columbia Street, naturally he adopted that school,” School Committee Member Kevin Aguiar said. “He served on the building committee for over 20 years. He held the 5th grade graduation dinner at the TA Restaurant.”


Aguiar talked about Alves’ passion for education and the local community.


“He and his family have donated thousands of dollars to not only the Doran school but students and children throughout the Greater Fall River area,” Aguiar said. “He was very passionate about the school and really Columbia Street in general."


The full seven-member Fall River School Committee will be asked to approve this request later this Summer.