A Conversation With Joe Kennedy

WSAR News had a conversation with Massachusetts Fourth District Congressman Joseph Kennedy III. One of the topics brought up in the talk was the call to impeach President Trump and how the Congressman reached that conclusion for himself.


"I reached my conclusion that the president had obstructed justice based off of reading the Mueller Report - based off of consultation with legal experts - off of conversations I've had former and current federal prosecutors as well as additional research I have done," he said.


Kennedy explained to WSAR the second half of the Mueller Report is where you’ll find the case for obstruction laid out.


"By the time you folks actually have a chance to read through the reports, particularly the second half of it - the so-called Volume II - the Special Counsel makes it abundantly clear that there is substantial evidence to indicate that the president on multiple occasions committed criminal acts, obstruction of justice,” he said.


The Commonwealth Congressman doesn’t feel there’s anything left for consideration once that’s revealed


“After you come to that conclusion or after a member of congress comes to the conclusion, I'm not so sure there's much else to consider," Kennedy told WSAR.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi was brought up in the midst of the conversation and Kennedy had nothing but respect for her as well as the process being played out.


"I think the Speaker is doing everything she can to insure that members get access to all of the information they need and critically, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying before critical committees next week for the public to see,” he said. “The information, hopefully, will answer some questions for both members and the American public as to what the report actually said."


Kennedy also has an amendment calling for an investigative unit to monitor issues related to the 2020 election cycle.