Cathy Ann Viveiros & Last Week's Budget Hearings

Last week, the Fall River Municipal Budget was passed.


One of the largest single increases from last year’s budget to this year’s is over the concern of e-mail software and servers that are being secured to allow for the retention of emails, complying with Commonwealth statute.


The City Administrator, Cathy Ann Viveiros told council during last week’s series of budget hearings new platforms for the servers would have to be secured.


"We're in the process of still trying to determine the police department's ability to be compliant with the public records statute,” she said. “There's a possibility that all of the police patrol are going to have to migrate to a more expensive platform which would be the Exchange Platform.”


Viveiros explained it’s necessary even if it seems costly.


“It allows for complete maintenance of all the former e-mails generated,” she told the council. “The estimate for that is almost $50,000 for just one single department.”  


The final line item number for public school transportation will be revealed later this Summer, as the city works with various providers to strike their $9.3 million goal, down from the original figure of over $11 million.


Fall River’s City Administrator also discussed the addition of over 60 positions on the school department side as well as one that won’t be added on the municipal side.


“Last year, I had under other personal services an anticipated creation of a tourism director,” Viveiros explained. "That position was not approved in ordinance so it is not apart of this year’s budget.”


A new grant writer position who will work for both the municipal and school department sides will likely be filled at some point this upcoming Summer.