New School Bell Schedule In Fall River

At a recent Fall River School Committee session, the school bell schedule in the Fall River Public School District was approved to be changed for five different schools.


The new start and end times allow for bus tiering, minimizing the number of buses in the district and saving costs on school transportation.


Here is a link to the updated start & end times for the Fall River Public School District:


Superintendent Doctor Matthew Malone said Durfee and Spencer Borden had to stay at their original times.


"Because of the construction at the high school with Durfee and Spencer Borden being right next to each other and with the movement of the high school to get to that specific point we wanted to move them back to their original point.”


Malone explained the time allotted would be nearly impossible


“It’s not feasible because there's essentially a four minute window between the pick up at both schools at the end of the day,” he said. “That would be hugely problematic with the construction."


The Superintendent of schools said this can be re-visited for Durfee and Spencer Borden once the new school is finished.


“In two years, after the new high school is built I'll come back to the committee with a recommendation at that time again," he told the committee.


One school that did adjust times is Doran but it didn’t come without its struggles.


"We really had a hard time trying to work on Doran,” Malone said. “We were able to get to a place where we shaved thirteen minutes off the start time. It's the best we could possibly do. We're only talking about three buses that aren't even full at Doran."


Start and end times could be adjusted depending on what happens with a final transportation schedule once bids are secured and contracts signed.