Paul Coogan Hands In Signatures For Certification

The first mayoral contender for the city’s upcoming  primary election in the Fall turned in the necessary signatures for certification in the Elections Division in Government Center.


Fall River School Committee Member and the runner-up in the Fall River recall election in March, Paul Coogan is running because he believes voters are looking for more efficient government.


"I think people are ready for a change,” he said. “That's why we're running. I think Fall River can definitely be operated more efficiently than it is right now and there is a climate for people to work together to push this city in one direction."


Coogan has learned from the recall election earlier in the year he and his team need to reach out to voters in Southside precincts.


"We obviously did better in some of the wards closer to my house but we will focus on some of the wards in the South End - one, two and three,” he said. “I want to work a little harder down there. The voters told us they want to see us more down there so we'll be around."


The mayoral contender and school committee member believe the two sides along with the city council need to do a better job at working together to do right by the city.


"The city council, the school committee and the mayor's office should be like a three-party organization running the city,” Coogan said. “Right now, I don't think there's a lot going on among those groups. We're doing the best we can on the school committee side and I know the councilors are as well. And I assume the mayor is, too. But there's not a lot of cohesion."


Former City Council President Linda Pereira took her nomination papers on Tuesday for an opportunity to return to the council. She’s one of 17 contenders for the nine positions while four people are in contention for the six School Committee seats.