Jim Borghesani And Cannabis In The Commonwealth

Fall River has 11 letters of non-opposition currently issued for prospective legal cannabis facilities and is currently waiting on the process of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.


In Oregon, a six-year supply of cannabis remains an issue for the state as they try to sell the surplus of product or re-purpose by other means.


WSAR News spoke to the Spokesperson for ‘Yes on 4,’ the initiative that led to the legalization of Cannabis in the Commonwealth. Jim Borghesani explained that Massachusetts has the ability in the legislation to set limits on the amount of product produced.


"It's a lesson learned (for Oregon) and it's a lesson already learned in Massachusetts,” he said. “In the ballot initiative in the subsequent legislation they gave the power to the Cannabis Control Commission to observe the yield and set limits based on if they see a glut of product and too much entering the marketplace."


Borghesani said Massachusetts will probably never have the problems Oregon have because of the built-in controls it has already established. He told WSAR no other legalized state has experienced this surplus issue.


"We haven’t seen a repeat of Oregon in any other legalized state,” he said. “If you can't transport over state lines you're stuck with all that product and they have a very big dilemma on their hands."  


The ‘Yes on 4’ Spokesperson said he believes municipalities across the legalized states are learning demand for cannabis is greater than originally thought and is producing more revenue than expected.


"I think Massachusetts will have the market to itself for quite a while,” Borghesani said. “Every facility that is open is generating more revenue than the towns had anticipated so it’s working pretty much the way the backers of legalization would work."


Northeast Alternatives is currently the only recreational cannabis dispensary open in the city of Fall River.