EPA Inspection At The Fall River City Pier

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency will be in Fall River on Tuesday to inspect a portion of the City Pier in regards to the removal of PCBs and in the wake of Waterfront Promotions LLC entering into a new five-year lease agreement to create an entertainment venue.


The Fall River RDA met Thursday night and debated for nearly an hour ultimately tabling decision about the seasonal license awarded to the newly formed company at a May 22 session. 


The Chairwoman of the RDA Board made it clear she wants one or more members there.


“When the EPA comes down to view the site on Tuesday or another time I there should be one or two board members present,” Kara O’Connell said.


She would like someone there to explain the history of the site and how it got to its current situation.


One of the members of the board supported the idea to table discussions so that they could have more information from the EPA’s inspection to further debate.


"With so many moving parts, there is so much misinformation with this EPA meeting coming up,” Michelle Dionne said. “I would be inclined to say yes, we can discuss what's here but let’s table everything else because I don't think we can move forward with anything until we have all the facts in front of us."


City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros used the opportunity to talk about transparency for the cost of this endeavor.


"There's a new era of transparency,” she said. “This had to be disclosed to you because there will be a cost associated. We weren't going to not disclose why at some point you're going to be paying $100,000 or more to remove something you just paid to install.”


A portion of the granular filler which caused controversy in 2018 may have to be removed for this project, which was realized last night


"A portion of the granular fill is going to have to be removed because it effectively raised the elevation of the site,” Viveiros said. “We have to make space for four inches of pavement. There's a question as to whether some of the granular fill might be able to conform with a sand gravel requirement that was also part a sub-base material."


Also, discussed briefly last night was a letter sent from The Cove Restaurant and Marina to the RDA asking for a seasonal license at the pier. Discussions will continue and a resolution will be produced likely in June.