What Happened At Last Night's Fall River City Council Session

At a recent Fall River City Council Session the issue of change orders regarding the completed street scapes for both Purchase and East Main Streets were tabled until the next session on Tuesday June 4.


Council members still had their questions about the orders being negotiated.


City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros reassured the nine members the dollar value of change orders is not an issue.


“I would inform the group that the project has just a few items remaining open,” she explained. “They’re part of current contract negotiations. We’re not in a position to discuss those publicly But I will say the dollar value given the size of the project is relatively small.”


I.W Harding is the contractor negotiating with the city on the change orders for both street scape projects.


“He seemed to agree we are likely to reach a resolution on those outstanding change order requests,” Viveiros told council. “We don’t foresee them posing any significant problem to our finances or the project overall.”


During the regular session at 7:00 p.m the full council sent salary schedules and adjustments to an ordinance and legislation committee.


Also, a home rule petition will be sent to Beacon Hill seeking to allow employees of the city of Fall River to perhaps apply with the retirement board in hopes of purchasing credible service for military service.