Swansea Town Meeting and a Potential RDA

At Swansea’s upcoming Annual Town Meeting at Case High School on Monday residents will make a decision to implement a Redevelopment Authority with the main concern of re-developing the Swansea Mall property.


A group of anonymous investors who wish to purchase and take on this feat are prepared to close on the property if a Swansea RDA is established next week.


The attorney who represents the unknown group joined Swansea-based attorney and Swansea Selectman Chris Carreiro on his radio show The 3rd Degree on WSAR.


“They’re very excited about this mall property,” Boston-based Attorney George McGlothlin said. “They're very confident they can make it a huge success but a crucial part is that ‘yes vote’ for the Swansea Redevelopment Authority as well as the liquor licenses this coming Monday at Swansea’s town meeting in Case High School.”


Six new liquor licenses are also on the table for voters to decide on at next week’s meeting.


McGlothlin told Carreiro his clients have the connections, financially, to make things happen and if all the pieces fall into place including those six new licenses, they’ll indicate just who they are.


“It’s an open book,” he explained. “You can go to their other developments and see what they’ve done. You’re going to be impressed. They build great projects and have great imagination as well as the right the contacts. And they have money cause at the end of the say you have to have the money to get this stuff done.”


McGlothlin explained that these investors are no strangers to these projects or each other.


“One is a developer,” the Boston-based Attorney said. “One is a contractor. One has tremendous tenant contacts and they all have great financing skills. They compliment each other well and enjoy each others company. This is their first deal - they’ve done many, many deals together.”


Swansea Town meeting will be at the Case High School starting at 7 p.m on Monday.