Kitchen Bifana is NOT For Sale

At a recent session of Swansea Board of Selectmen this week an issue with a local Portuguese restaurant Kitchen Bifana from earlier in the year was resolved. The issue at hand is that Kitchen Bifana requested for a beer and liquor license, was approved and then within weeks was listed for sale with the license as a selling point.


Amid threats to pull the license after several months of discussion, Susie Teves the owner of Kitchen Bifana assured her commitment for the duration of three-year lease she originally signed.


A conversation between member Chris Carreiro and Teves’ Attorney Pablo Corso cleared the air and settled the dust at this weeks session.


“I’d like for you to have the beer and wine license,” Carreiro told the attorney representing Teves. “But I need assurance you didn’t procure this license to market it for sale.”


Corso responded, “As an officer of the court, I take my oath very seriously. In my conversation with Ms. Teves, I learned this is not the case. I have watched the hearings from January and February more times than I’d like to admit, over and over, to make sure in my eyes I did not see any misrepresentation.”


Selectmen member Derek Heim chimed in on his position from earlier in the Spring.


“I think my concern under my own chairmanship was questioning what was presented in front of us,” he explained. “During the initial application period it was about improving the business. You asked for a beer and wine license to enhance the business which we felt was a reasonable request.”


Heim suggested to Corso and Kitchen Bifana to settle their real estate needs with someone else.


“Clearly, within a few weeks the business was on an MLS listing and put by a realtor without permission, we heard. I’d recommend getting rid of that realtor.”


Corso assured the board Teves and Kitchen Bifana would be around for the long haul.


“The current operational status is that the business isn’t for sale,” he said. “I’ve been assured by Ms. Teves and she has expressed she has three years remaining on the lease and her full intention is to stay for its duration.”