Malone Talks to WSAR about the Resiliency Prep Incident

An investigation into the altercation that took place at the Resiliency Prep Academy last Thursday between a student and two school resource officers has reached a conclusion. The Fall River Police Department has determined the actions of both officers involved were “completely justified.”


In a statement released by the F.R.P.D, it said the officers “could not have predicted what the student was capable of doing,” but only that “his behavior was escalating.


The incident which included video footage showed walking between various offices and knocking things off of tables which led to him being subdued. Superintendent of Fall River Public Schools told WSAR in an interview following the release of his own statement the student kicked a chair across the room in one office and proceeded to threaten teachers and staff members.


Malone said there was lot that wasn’t seen on video that lead-up to the incident in an attempt of prevention.


“What’s not seen in any of the video footage is what happened for about a half hour before the incident took place,” he told us. “Staff members were working with the young man and tried twice to attempt to get him on track.”


In a companion statement to the police departments, Malone said he reviewed witness statements, interview witness personally and reviewed every piece of video footage from security cameras to student cell phones. He said his investigation centered on facts.


“Granted, you watch the video the student one that went viral (in the initial 24 hours) you go ‘oh my god, what’s going!’ As I said in my press release, we deal in facts.” Malone reminded us. “We don’t deal in emotion, we deal in reality. We have to investigate and do our due diligence of providing the full picture of the situation.”


Malone made sure to praise the faculty and staff involved in the situation. His own review showed that ideal practices were utilized by teachers, staff and the pair of school resource officers.


“The faculty and staff did everything within their training and bag of tools to de-escalate the situation and a student in crisis,” he told WSAR appropriate policy and practices were followed by all involved.