Resiliency Prep Academy Altercation

On Thursday May 2, an altercation took place at the Resiliency Prep Academy between a student and school administrator escalating into a situation that needed to involve two school resource officers of the Fall River Police Department.


In separate statements released by both the school department and police department, it states the ninth grade student was restrained and later released to his Father, pending a summons involving a criminal complaint filed by the F.R.P.D.


The incident is currently under investigation as it pertains to the force used by the S.R.O’s by both the school department and the F.R.P.D. In Superintendent of Public Schools Doctor Matthew Malone’s statement, he said the investigation will include witness interviews, statement reviews, security footage review and analysis of all available evidence.


Malone ensured, “Please know that we will carefully review all applicable policies, regulations and laws to determine if all proper and appropriate protocol was followed correctly and responsibly.”


A short video which was shared on the Digital Edition of the Fall River Herald News and available on WSAR’s Facebook page. The clip featured a portion of the incident which will be included in the investigation.


In a statement from the F.R.P.D Sergeant J.T Hoar explained, “In any use of force incident, the totality of the circumstances must be considered and we will not rush to judgment until all facts are obtained. The matter will be reviewed through the chain of command and the justification of force will be determined. We cannot properly assess the incident until all evidence, video and reports are obtained.”


Sergeant Hoar confirmed that the juvenile will be summoned to court as a result of the incident.


In Hoar’s statement he concluded with, “The partnership between the Fall River Public Schools and the Fall River Police Department is a long standing one and we both put the safety of the students and staff as the highest priority.”


The video appears to show one of the resource officers striking the student in his head/neck area in a response to the juvenile resisting restraint. One officer shouts, “Get your hands behind your back, do it now!” An officer than appears to punch the student a handful of times before pushing him onto the ground and ultimately restrained by both resource officers. 


The link to the short video of the incident is here but be warned the language is not suitable for work:

If anyone has further information on this incident and can provide anything to the investigation, you;re asked to contact Doctor Malone through his email address at