Swansea Annual Town Meeting Warrant Finalized

The Annual Swansea Town Meeting is set for May 20. The warrant has been finalized and among the articles approved is the one being talked about the most.


Swansea officials are looking to create a Redevelopment Authority that would begin the process of dealing with an empty Swansea Mall as well it’s encompassing property.


“This is about the declaring of parcels as blighted,” Swansea Board of Selectmen Chair Steven Kitchin said. “Therefore, it goes back to my initial comment about the government which is best governs the least.”


All 3 members of the board added their endorsement of articles 34 and 35, both of which deal with seeking, creating and funding an R.D.A.


One of those selectmen, Attorney Chris Carreiro has been very vocal about his feeling towards how the town should be acting in regards to the Swansea Mall Property.


“There’s real complexities and obstacles associated with the Swansea Mall,” he said. “I believe government intervention is necessary to make sure the best use of this property is realized.”


Carreiro has been a proponent of being proactive in this situation from the beginning of the year. He held a presentation in January about why this is important and how he advocated for the creation of a redevelopment authority.


“I think we’re on a good track this done,” he went on. “There’s been a lot of interest in prospective buyers from this board and other boards in this community who are faced with whether to support or not support this endeavor.”


One prospective buyer has come forward, unidentified, as an interested party. But a condition of the anonymous prospect was the creation of an R.D.A in Swansea.


If you wish to serve on the Swansea Redevelopment Authority you are being asked to send a cover letter and resume to the Office of Board of Selectmen in Swansea.