Brayton Point Towers Saturday Morning Implosion

This upcoming Saturday the Somerset Skyline will have a new look after 8 a.m when the Brayton Point Cooling Towers are imploded.


Preparations include road closures and road blocks on the morning leading up to the event and some time following. Owners of Saint Louis Based firm who own the decommissioned site will be in the town this week to help with those preparations.


“There’s lots of anticipation,” said Somerset Selectman Holly MacNamara. “There’s been lots of planning and lots of work put into this by CDC. Everything is now in place and ready to go. The managers from St. Louis are flying out. We’re all ready to go.”


Several weeks ago a trio of chimneys were imploded in the same fashion but had to be pushed 24 hours ahead from Saturday to Sunday because of weather concerns. It’s hoped wind will not be a factor come Saturday.


“The chimneys were delayed until Sunday,” MacNamara said. “The weather was a problem but we hope the wind this week will die down by Saturday because people are excited about this.”


Following the implosion portions of the remnants will be repurposed and recycled for future uses. “They’ll reuse the rubble and make great use out of it,” MacNamara told WSAR.


Once the dust settles following the implosion, the remaining ashes of the site will be removed in a matter of hours in much the way as the chimney trio last month.