Fall River Narcotics Bust

On April 16th, 2019 at 6:15 P.M, Detectives of the Fall River Police Departments Vice and Intelligence Unit went to 904 Middle Street to execute a search warrant. The target of the search warrant was 3rd-floor resident Hector F. Marquez Jr. age 35.


Lead Detective Joshua Robillard was assisted by Detectives Kwin Silva, Richard Aguiar, Bryan Custadio, Tryce Grant and Sergeant William Falandys.


When Detectives knocked and announced their presence, a male responded but did not open the door. Detectives breached the door to gain entry finding Hector F. Marquez Jr. inside the apartment.


Prior to the search, Marquez voluntarily produced two baggies of suspected cocaine from his bedroom weighing 2.2 and 2.6 grams respectively.


Detectives commenced with their search and located 25 rounds of 9mm ammunition, a plastic storage bag with approximately 172 grams of suspected cocaine and a plastic bag with approximately 15.2 grams of crack cocaine in a storage room. 22 - 12 gauge shotgun rounds were found in the living room.



In all, approximately 192 grams of suspected cocaine was seized.


Hector F. Marquez Jr. age 35 of 904 Middle Street 3rd floor was taken into custody on charges of: 
• Trafficking in Cocaine – over 100 grams
• Possession of Ammunition w/o an FID Card