Kennedy on Trans Policy

As the Trump Administration moves forward with the implementation of its ban on transgender servicemembers, Congressman Joe Kennedy III today blasted the policy and called for renewed efforts to reject it. Last month, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Kennedy’s bipartisan resolution urging the Department of Defense to not reinstate the policy.
“Our nation’s past, present and future is built on a fundamental promise that everyone counts. With the implementation of the President’s bigoted ban on transgender servicemembers we have fallen short today. But we know that even if our march towards equality can be slowed by one man, it can never be stopped and trans troops will soon serve proudly and openly once again. To all the trans servicemembers and their families, please know this country sees you, we are grateful for your sacrifice, and we will fight by your side for a country that makes good on her promises.”
Kennedy serves as chairman of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force. Following the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, he introduced the Do No Harm Act with Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA), which would amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to preserve civil rights. Last year, Kennedy led nearly 100 colleagues demanding the rejection of a proposed policy by the Department of Health and Human Services to redefine “sex” to exclude the transgender community and deny them basic civil rights protections. He has been a proud co-sponsor of major equality legislation, from the Equality Act to the Global Respect Act to the Student Non-Discrimination Act.