A Ten Taxpayer Suit Stops the Count

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II and members of the Fall River Election Commission are the defendants in a 10-taxpayer suit seeking to stop the certification of the Fall River Recall Election on March 12, citing section 5-8(e) of the Fall River City Charter, and its provisions regarding recall elections, which was approved by voters in the 2017 Municipal Election. 

The suit was filed today in the Fall River Justice Center. 

Provisions of the current recall rules do not include a second half of a ballot with contenders for mayor, as was the case on the ballot on March 12. 


In a video captured by the Fall River Herald News and posted on its Facebook page, a constable delivering the initial lawsuit was asked to leave the mayor's office on the Sixth Floor of Fall River's Government Center...

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II was recalled by 61% of Fall River voters, while he was returned to office by a margin of 241 votes in the second half of the ballot.