Hate Crime in Fall River

A Hebrew cemetery located on McMahon street was defaced over the weekend and at least 25 gravestones were violated with swastika symbols and messages of antisemitic language, according to a release from the Fall River Police Department.

Police were made aware on Sunday when the site manager informed them of a suspicious vehicle parked in the cemetery for two days.


Investigators think the original incident happened on Saturday; Some of the gravestones were pushed over; Others were marked using a black magic marker. 

The F.R.P.D says a full canvas of the cemetery is being conducted to determine if other vandalism took place. 


About 10 gravestones were defaced with swastikas while others said ''heil Hitler'' and ''Hitler was right;'' A reference to President Donald Trump's campaign slogan ''Make America Great Again'' was noticed as ''This Is MAGA Country'' was seen carved into another stone.

The investigation is currently ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.