Recall Election Campaign Numbers

As the second attempted recall aimed at a Fall River Mayor concludes today with balloting that will conclude at 8:00 p.m, the Office of Campaign and Political Finance gives an indication of where and how the five contenders raised and spent money during a shortened campaign season. 


Final spending numbers for the mayoral recall campaign will be due later this month. 

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia spent a little over $10,000 on billboards, a little over $26,000 for ads on Facebook, and more than $5,000 for ads on W.H.T.B Radio. 

Paul Coogan spent nearly $22,000 while Joe Camara spent a little over $4,000; Kyle Riley spent a little over $17,000 in the reports that were filed before the final day of February. 

Camara was able to raise over $20,000, with school committee member Paul Coogan securing $31,000 in the current campaign season, while Kyle Riley secured over $28,000; Erica Scott-Pacheco raised a little over $6,000, and spent a little over $4,000. 

Scott-Pacheco loaned her campaign $1,000, while Paul Coogan started his campaign with a $20,000 personal loan.