The State of the City Address

The Digital Edition of the Fall River Herald News is reporting that the nine member Fall River City Council and the seven member Fall River School Committee have selected March 19 as the date for a joint session for the charter-mandated State of the City Address. 

Current Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia wants to choose the location of the State of the City, and had indicated to WSAR News in February it could happen during a regularly scheduled session of the Fall River School Committee. 

Correia is still open to a March 19 date. The State of the City is normally held in the Fall River City Council Chambers. During a discussion with Will Flanagan on WSAR in February, Fall River City Council President Cliff Ponte had indicated he had polled council members as to when to hold the State of the City Address. 


After polling the eight other city council members, Ponte told WSAR in February that March 19 would be the scheduled date. 


The current Fall River City Charter mandates that the State of the City Address be delivered by the third Wednesday in March. A five contender recall election is set for Tuesday March 12