Correia Wants to Pay Back Investors

In a series of legal documents released Tuesday night, Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II is seeking permission from Federal Prosecutors in Boston to contact the seven investors who helped create SnoOwl, an application that was operational on the Android and Apple smart phone platforms before Correia became Mayor.

Correia claims to have access to a little over $300,000, which his Defense Attorney, Kevin Reddington, tells the lead prosecutor in the case, Zachery Hafer, in a letter dated January 29, saying the cash is being held in escrow. 

In the letter, Reddington references discussions on the proposal that could have started in November or December; Correia was indicted on 9 Federal Counts of Wire Fraud and 4 of Tax Fraud.


When Correia was arrested and arraigned in October 2018, he signed a document as a condition of his ongoing probation that he not have contact with a list of witnesses and others involved in the case; included in that list were the original 7 SnoOwl Investors. 

In a series of documents related to this latest filing, Federal Prosecutors in Boston made it clear they were against the idea, and have the judge in the case to issue a ruling on the matter.