Multiple Accidents In Somerset

     The Superintendent of the Somerset Public School District tells WSAR News that there were two accidents that happened almost simultaneously Wednesday morning around 7:30 a.m at different locations.

     The first accident happened on Read Street in Somerset, involving what Schoonver termed as a regular yellow bus; the driver of the second vehicle involved in the accident was taken to the Somerset Police Department Headquarters and is being booked on an O.U.I count involving narcotics. 
     The second accident happened at virtually the same time as the first; Schoonover tells WSAR News that it involved a special ed van owned by the Somerset Public School District; The accident happened at the intersection of Brayton Avenue and old Route 6 near the Somerset Pizza Hut location. 
     There were no students in the van at the time of the accident; Schoonover tells WSAR News that a second mini-van ran through a stop sign, hitting the Somerset public school van, which ended up on one side.

     The driver of the Somerset special ed van was taken to a local medical facility and is in stable condition.