Dr. Malone on the death of a former Durfee Student in Afghanistan

“The Scholarship City”
417 Rock Street, Fall River, MA 02720
Message of Condolence
Thursday, November 29, 2018

With sadness in our hearts, we regret to inform you that Sgt. 1st Class Eric M. Emond, 39, was killed in action during combat operations in Ghanzi, Afghanistan.


A son of Fall River, Sgt. Emond was a student in the Fall River Public Schools, attending Osborn Elementary School, Healy Elementary School, Henry Lord Middle School, and Durfee High School.


Sgt. Emond had a strong track record of academic success throughout his tenure in the Fall River Public Schools and was a member of the Durfee High School Wrestling Team.


At the conclusion of tenth grade, Sgt. Emond moved to Arkansas to continue his high school education in the summer of 1996.

Sgt. Emond was a founding member of the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, a Veterans’ service organization, whose mission is to support Gold Star families and the veterans’ community of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Sgt. Emond has a lengthy and honorable military service record, first as a United States Marine and then as a member of the United States Army Special Forces. Sgt. Emond was highly decorated for heroic actions under fire during his multiple combat deployments.

On a personal note, I know Eric Emond from his work in the veterans’ community and I am proud to call him my friend. Eric’s life and commitment to service exemplifies both the Motto of the United States Marine Corps – Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), as well as the Motto of United States Army Special Forces – De Oppresso Liber (To Free the Oppressed).


He leaves behind his beloved wife Allie, their three children, his sister, Laura and extended family, as well as the many veterans, service members, and friends who love, respect, and admire him. Eric Emond - a warrior - a gentleman - one of the very best our nation has called on to serve in the defense of our core values.

Matthew, H. Malone, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Matthew H. Malone, Ph.D.,