What City Council Did At The Last Meeting - Tuesday November 27

The Fall River City Council approved a quarter million dollar loan order for the Resiliency Prep Academy and a Westall feasibility study, while a request that parking facilities controlled by the Fall River Re-Development be transferred back to the city is being sent to council's committee on real estate .


A requested appointment from the 6th floor of John Garcia to the city's planning board was defeated 5-4 and then given leave to withdraw. The planned appointment of Ryan Lyons to the election commission was withdrawn, while Daniel Reitzas was appointed to the Board of Police by a vote of 7-2. The Reverend Jay Mello was placed on the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee by a 6-3 vote. 


A request from Steve Camara regarding the Pay-As-You-Throw program and its possible demise will go to ordinances and legislation at some point in December.