Fall River Man Faces Alleged Burglary and Firearm Counts

A 26-year old Fall River man faces 7 counts related to an alleged burglary of a former girlfriend, along with firearm counts. 


Issac Allende Jr. is accused of breaking into a former girlfriend's apartment Tuesday night around 8:30 after entering through a bathroom window in an apartment in the 200 block of Johnson Street.


A Vizio T.V, Playstation console, various games and controllers as well as the woman's bedroom set were found to be missing.


F.R.P.D Officers found Allende several buildings away, as an extension cord was utilized for the game console. They also found the T.V. and a bed, along with the games in a back[ack as well as a pair of firearms - one loaded, the other empty. One of the weapons was found stolen in North Carolina.