Swansea Town Hall Decision

Swansea Voters at A Special One Article Town Meeting rejected last night a debt exclusion  financing package that was modified in a proposal from Swansea Selectman Steven Kitchin.


The financing package that was approved on a close voice vote at Case High School had taxpayers financing $7.4 million dollars in a 20 year bond, while using $2 million in Free Cash to pay for the rest of the cost of a proposed new town hall. 


Out of 338 votes cast, 136 voted yes, 202 voted no; the article required a two-thirds majority for passage, and was defeated. 

Swansea Selectman Chris Carrerio told WSAR on the Monday Edition of the ''WSAR Newsroom'' that selectmen and administrators would go back to the drawing board and try again at some point this year to secure passage.