MA Campaign Limits Set

Statewide candidate spending limits set

BOSTON – Seven candidates for statewide office who did not agree to campaign expenditure limits under the Commonwealth’s public financing program and whose opponents have agreed to statutory spending limits for the upcoming general election have filed the required statements declaring the maximum amounts their campaigns will spend through Nov. 6.


The candidates who filed statements with OCPF by the deadline of Sept. 10 are Gov. Charles Baker (R); Secretary William Galvin (D); Anthony Amore (R), candidate for state secretary; Attorney General Maura Healey (D); Treasurer Deborah Goldberg (D); Keiko Orrall (R), candidate for state treasurer; and Helen Brady (R), candidate for state auditor.  Baker and his running mate for lieutenant governor, Karyn Polito (R), were required to file one statement as a candidate team.


The statements are required from candidates who did not agree to statutory spending limits under the state’s public financing law.  Though they did not agree to the limits, the candidates are still required to declare a self-imposed spending cap if they are opposed by candidates who have agreed to limit spending. 

The self-imposed limits declared by each of the seven filers are:


Governor/Lt. Gov.

  • Baker/Polito: $20 Million. The spending limit for Baker’s general election opponent, Jay Gonzalez (D), now increases to $20 million from the statutory limit of $1.5 million.  Spending by lieutenant governor candidates also counts toward the gubernatorial cap of $20 million.  The lieutenant governor candidates are Polito and Quentin Palfrey (D).


  • Amore: $2 million. The spending limit for Amore’s opponents, Galvin and unenrolled candidate Juan Gabriel Sanchez (Green-Rainbow), increases to $2 million from the statutory limit of $375,000.
  • Galvin: $1 million.  Galvin’s Republican opponent, Amore, set the limit at $2 million, increasing Galvin’s limit to $2 million.


Attorney General

  • Healey: $2.5 million.  The spending limit for Healey’s general election opponent, Republican James McMahon, now increases to $2.5 million from the statutory limit of $625,000.


  • Goldberg: $2 million.  Goldberg and Orrall set the same $2 million spending limit, which will also apply to unenrolled candidate Jamie Guerin (Green-Rainbow). The statutory spending limit for treasurer is $375,000.
  • Orrall: $2 million.


  • Brady: $375,000. Because Brady set the spending limit at the public financing statutory spending limit for state auditor candidates, all candidates in the race remain limited to spending $375,000. The other candidates are incumbent Suzanne Bump (D); Libertarian candidate Daniel Fishman; and unenrolled candidate Edward Stamas (Green-Rainbow).

The declared limits cover the general election campaign period: Sept. 5 to Nov. 6, except for unenrolled candidates, whose campaign period is Aug. 29 to Nov. 6.  


The amount of money in the State Election Campaign Fund available to participating candidates is approximately $742,850. The law calls for participating candidate teams for governor and lieutenant governor to be funded first, with any remaining funds to be distributed evenly to candidates for the other statewide offices who are eligible to receive public financing. Because Gonzalez qualified for public financing in the 2018 general election, no funds will be available for other races.  The spending limits are still in effect in the races where no public financing money is available.


Two candidates received public finance funding for their primary races – Democratic gubernatorial candidates Gonzalez and Robert Massie.  The Gonzalez Committee received $302,564 in public funds, and the Massie Committee received $164,842. Gonzalez won the primary.


General Election Spending Limits for all Statewide Races

Governor/Lt. Governor Team              $20 million

Secretary of the Commonwealth          $2 million

Attorney General                                 $2.5 million

Treasurer                                             $2 million

Auditor                                                $375,000