BCC Has A New Primary Logo

Bristol Community College today unveiled a new logo and reaffirms its dedication to creating a “college-going culture” in the region.


“Many times the people who live in our communities don’t think that the college education is within reach. But we want them to know that you can attend college without racking up student debt right here at Bristol Community College.”

Laura L. Douglas, Ph.D., President, Bristol Community College


AUGUST 30, 2018 – Bristol Community College has unveiled its new logo and a reimagined brand identity that better represents the high-quality education and exceptional student experience offered at the college. For the first time in the college’s history, the new logo will emphasize the name of the college, Bristol, rather than its three-letter acronym, BCC. The logo has a more “collegiate” feel and will transition to a darker, more modern green with an accent color called Bristol gray. The college also announced that the new identity marks a new era in the community college’s history that reaffirms Bristol’s dedication to creating a “college-going culture” in the region.   


“First and foremost, we are a community college here to serve the educational needs and further the economic development of Bristol County. Through innovative curriculum and a top-rated education, we are also one of the leading higher education resources in Massachusetts,” said President Laura L. Douglas, Ph.D., Bristol Community College, who joined the college in July 2017. “When we create a college-going culture in our region, where students graduate and assume good jobs, we change lives for the better. Our new brand reaffirms this commitment to the community.” 


Bristol is significantly more affordable than four-year institutions and offers the same curriculum and quality education—meaning students can get the same education without racking up the student debt. It is also a comfortable place for adults who wish to begin or go back to college. Welcoming students from a wide variety of socioeconomic, cultural and educational backgrounds, the college provides a full range of associate degree and certificate programs. The college is also on the forefront of new industry and technology in the region. In 2017, Bristol received a $4.4 million grant from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to accelerate innovative life sciences education and, most recently, leads the nation’s educational training for jobs related to offshore wind.

“We live in a place where mills, manufacturing, construction and fishing have provided jobs for decades. A place where many jobs did not require a college degree. But the mills and factories of yesterday have gone away. Manufacturing has changed, and so have other local industries. As our economy shifts and technology plays a major role in all we do, we need to raise the level of education in our region and prepare our community for new jobs that will lead us to greater prosperity,” President Douglas said. “Many times the people who live in our communities don’t think that the college education is within reach. But we want them to know that you can attend college without racking up student debt. And for those adults who are preparing for college, we offer a high school equivalency program, English as a second language courses and credit for work experience.”

What’s in a logo?

According to Joyce Brennan, Vice President of College Communications, the new brand and logo bring to the forefront the transition that has been taking place at community colleges in Massachusetts and across the country.


“There is a strong misconception that the community college education is somehow not on par with four-year universities,” she said. In partnership with Brandigo, a Massachusetts-based brand strategy agency, the college determined its strength is the unique educational experience offered at Bristol – one that is more affordable, tailored to their needs with greater support services built in. There are also endless opportunities that may lead directly into the job force or transfer to a four-year university. In addition, many times the instructors at the community college are also employed by four-year universities in the same community. 


“The new logo announces that there is a transformation taking place. The design clarifies who we are and signifies the collegiate experience that Bristol students receive. We know that some people will always refer to us as BCC. What is important to us is that everyone, no matter where they live, understands who we are and what we have to offer. Our online programs have been rapidly growing and we serve 20 towns throughout southeastern Massachusetts. Our brand must be clear, modern and represent the top-quality education every Bristol graduate receives. We are ‘one college’ with locations in Attleboro, Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton and online. It does not matter where you choose to go, you will receive the same, quality education.”


College Communications held more than 20 focus groups with faculty, staff, alumni, donors, current students and potential students this past spring with overwhelming positive response to the new logo prototypes, but what stood out the most, according to Brennan, was the excitement around elevating the community college’s overall perception.