Swansea Cannabis Updates

     While Plantopia Care Center Inc. was able to secure a letter of non-opposition from the three-member Swansea Board of Selectmen, Green line Dispensaries will have to wait two weeks while selectmen review the information presented after a pair of discussions last night in the community room of the Swansea Police Station on requests for non-opposition regarding medicinal and recreational marijuana in Swansea. 


     Plantopia must still go to the zoning board of appeals while also collecting proper documentation before a license will be granted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Derek Heim of the selectmen board said the requirements will ultimately met. Selectmen board member Chris Carreiro voted against the Plantopia proposal due to lack of a host agreement while he was impressed by the host agreements that Green line presented. They had a pair of host agreements drawn up and were prepared to off them to the group during their presentation. 


     Heim told the session he had no issue with waiting while the third member Steven Kitchen wanted time to review the information the Green line presented who will re-open discussions again in two weeks with the board.