FANG in Rhode Island

On the day following acts of civil disobedience outside the Dartmouth House of Corrections, in which entrances were blocked and banners asking for an end to ICE were unfurled, representatives of FANG, a Rhode Island based social justice organization, told WSAR their membership believes in Open Borders, and that they would seek to work with prisoners inside the Dartmouth Corrections Center, in terms of improving conditions regarding food and treatment of inmates in relation to staff. 

Bristol County Tom Hodgson has indicated to WSAR that a nutritionist works with his staff to prepare meals and that inmates in the correctional center have indicated they prefer Tang over orange juice. 

Members of FANG told WSAR that they are affiliated with various Social Justice organizations throughout the Eastern Seaboard and in the Western U-S and are seeking to halt construction of natural gas pipelines, preferring Green alternatives.