Potholes In The Commonwealth

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is continuing to upgrade its innovative, online pothole dashboard that provides information to the public regarding pothole locations and size, the number of potholes filled, the type of material used, and the total approximate cost. The pothole dashboard can be found online at this link:


In 2017, MassDOT upgraded the pothole dashboard to indicate if the repair was made as a result of public feedback (indicated by a check-mark). MassDOT appreciates reports from members of the public regarding potholes on roadways and 10% of the approximately 900 pothole repairs made since October 2017 have been in response to public feedback.


“This innovative online resource provides clear information to members of the public on our repairs and investments and allows us to make better decisions on using resources to improve our roadways,” said MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver. “We are committed to excellent customer service and the pothole tracking program is a useful tool that enables us to engage the public, better monitor roadway conditions, plan upcoming maintenance and road repairs, and ensure safer and more reliable travel.”


While it is not possible to track all repairs and activity, data collected shows that MassDOT has made at least 8,500 pothole repairs in 2017 using approximately 412 tons of material. The pothole repair dashboard provides transparency to the public on the use of state resources, creates efficiency by introducing technology to front line workers, and adds to the data available for maintenance and capital planning.


MassDOT can use this data when making capital investment decisions to focus resources on roads and areas that require consistent pothole repair and manage our assets in a cost-effective manner that prevents emergency pothole repairs.


During calendar year 2017, MassDOT expanded the program so that it includes information regarding potholes in all six highway districts after it was previously piloted in areas of Central and Western Massachusetts. A new online viewer is currently under development and will combine pothole repair locations, pavement condition data and planned or underway paving projects to provide a more complete picture of MassDOT pavement management practices.


The pothole repair program also includes a field application through which MassDOT road crews can input data outlining the date, time, cost and materials used to repair potholes.  The data collection structure uses MassDOT’s GIS systems to establish an interactive webpage. Once entered, that information then becomes viewable in real-time to the public via the online dashboard.


Potholes can also be reported to MassDOT by calling 857-DOT-INFO (857-368-4636) or 877-MA-DOT-GOV (877-623-6846) or by contacting MassDOT online. Potholes can also be reported to the State or local police who will contact MassDOT with the report.