The Macy Decision

Fall River Corporation Counsel Joseph Macy has ruled that Fall River Firefighter Josuha Hetzler can serve at least one term on the Fall River School Committee, after questions were raised following the passage of package of revisions to the Fall River City Charter by voters last week. 


Unless a successful court challenge is mounted before January 2, 2018, Hetlzer can serve at least one term in office as one of 6 School Committee Members after being elected earlier this month. 

Macy has also ruled that the provisions of Section 4-3 of the current Fall River Charter will then go into effect during the 2019 municipal election cycle that forbid Fall River City Employees from running for public office. 

An interview with Macy on the issues involved and  how he arrived at the ruling is available in the Audio on Demand portion on the Thursday Edition of ''The WSAR Newsroom''.