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WSAR Headlines

The MassDOT 79 Strategy

MassDOT is set to implement traffic changes for it is calling the Stage One B of construction in the Route 79 project on Wednesday November 12; MassDOT indicates its a ''phased approach'' starting in the middle of December, with four changes to traffic patterns in place through the Summer of 2015.

Among the changes to be phased into place:


*Motorists on Broadway bound for I-195 East and Westbound will be shifted to a temporary ramp to allow for the demolition of the exsisting elevated ramp.


*North Davol Street will then be closed to two way traffic between Central Street and the U Turn and open South Davol Street to two way traffic between Central Street and the U Turn.


*The Water Street Connector will then be open to one way traffic while a portion of Broadway from Columbia Street to the Water Street Connector will carry two way traffic.


*Anawan Street and Pocasset Street will then be closed to through traffic between Davol Street and the Work Out World Parking Lot, while local access will be maintained.  





Swansea Mall on the Auction Block

The Swansea Mall, which opened in 1974, will be going on the auction block next month, according to the website,

A $25,000 deposit is required, and an opening bid of $1.9 million will be the starting point in a two day auction that will begin on November 18. 

The listing calls the Swansea Mall ''one of the largest and best positioned shopping malls available at what is termed a ''deep discount''. calls the Swansea Mall a ''true once in an economic cycle investment opportunity.''




FR Mayoral Papers

The Fall River Elections office is indicating in a series of texts to WSAR that several mayoral contenders have returned papers for certification of signatures on the final day of the Recall Election Calendar in which to do so. 

Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter and Fall River Resident Ronald Travassos turned in papers earlier today, joining former Fall River City Administrator Shawn Cadime, former Council Member Dave Dennis, and two time Council Finalist Ronald Cabral, along with current Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan, and current Council Member Mike Miozza, who had all turned in papers over the past several days. 

One of the 12 organizers of the Fall River Recall Movement, Dan Betelho, indicated on his Facebook Page earlier this morning that he will not be submitting papers, saying he does not have the physical assets, including volunteers, to run a successful campaign. 





Dartmouth Shooting

Massachusetts State Police Detectives and the Bristol County D-As Office are investigating a fatal police involved shooting that happened late Thursday Night. 
Dartmouth Police responded to a call from a Ledgewood Boulevard Apartment just after 11pm, in regards to a domestic dispute after a 25 year old New Bedford man gained access to an ex girlfriend's apartment, allegedly damaging a computer and a television. 
Dartmouth police indicate that 25 year old Luis Roman called the ex girlfriends' father while statements were being taken by the police, saying he would return to the scene with a loaded weapon and that he was not going back to jail. 
Roman did return to the scene; Dartmouth Police ordered out of his vehicle with his hands raised; as officers approached, Dartmouth Police say Roman took out one of two weapons he carried with him to the scene; two shots were fired at officers, who then returned fire, hitting the suspect, who was taken to Saint Luke's Hospital in New Bedford.

New Bedford Bench Trial Fall River Recall

As Attorneys for Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan and the city's Recall Movement continue preparations for Monday's Bench Trial in New Bedford Superior Court, Recall Movement Attorney Les Rich tells WSAR, on the Thursday Edition of the ''WSAR Newsroom'' that he thinks the decisions to be made are based on two issues.

Issue One is the date in which the final petitions were turned in, as the day following the Monday Labor Day Holiday in September is when Fall River's Government Center is normally closed; the second is the issue of at least 12 people who indicated to Flanagan's Attorney, Preston Halprin, that they did not understand what they were signing, or were allegedly harassed in some way during the gathering of signatures earlier this summer. 

Tuesday Fall River No Confidence Vote?

Fall River City Council Member Dan Rego is telling WSAR that he will likely introduce a resolution calling for a vote of No Confidence aimed at Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan, as council members have told WSAR over the Summer and Fall of 2014 that they have no trust in the Sixth Floor. 

Rego tells WSAR on the Thursday Edition of the ''WSAR Newsroom'' that he is not happy to bring bringing the resolution forward, but that its necessary to demonstrate to the Fall River taxpaying public that Council is dedicated to improving city services and the overall image of the city. 

Rego tells WSAR the potential No Confidence Vote is something he's been considering for a couple of weeks. 

Fall River Mayoral Sweepstakes--The Latest

While current Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan and former Fall River City Council Member, Attorney Dave Dennis have returned papers for the certification process in the countdown towards a December 16 Recall Election in Fall River, one potential contender has decided to forgo the race, while another rumored contender has pulled papers. 

Fall River School Committee Vice Chair Mark Costa has indicated to WSAR that he will not be a candidate for Mayor, telling WSAR in a text that he feels he can better contribute as a member of the current school committee. 

Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter has pulled nomination papers this morning; in a release sent to New England Media, Sutter cautions that ''those of us who live in Fall River do not know if there will definitely be a recall election, or what the exact guidelines of the Recall Election will be.''

Sutter says until New Bedford Superior Court Judge Thomas McGwire issues rulings in a bench trial that will begin on Monday, he will not officially begin a campaign. 

Sutter maintains that ''Fall River is in turmoil'' and that he has the managerial competence to bring the city to a new ''level of respect.''

The final day to pull nomination papers is Monday, October 27, while the final day to turn papers in for certification purposes is Wednesday, October 29. 

The final ballot will take shape in mid November. 

Flanagan Says He Wants Debates

On the same day that Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan announced a $1.7 million dollar construction contract to fix Seabury and other local streets, Flanagan told reporters that he wants a series of debates in the time frame leading up to the December 16 recall election. 

While its the opinon of Fall River's City Clerk and the Chair of the Board of Election Commissioners that Flanagan can appear as a contender for Mayor on the same ballot on which he is the subject of a first ever recall effort, its likely a judge will decide that issue at some point this fall. 

A suit seeking to halt the recall effort will be on trial in New Bedford Superior Court beginning Monday Morning at 9am. 

Miozza for Mayor..or Not...

Fall River City Council Member Mike Miozza tells WSAR he has reached out to other contenders in an effort to see if a consensus could be formed around one candidate in advance of the December 16 Recall Election.

Miozza tells WSAR he has talked to those who already taken out papers and others who are mulling over the idea before a pair of deadlines next week. 

Miozza tells WSAR, on the Wednesday Edition of the ''WSAR Newsroom'' that he may wait until the ''11th Hour'' before deciding if he will turn in papers to be certified. 

Contenders need to collect 50 signatures from Fall River Registered Voters, then turn those papers in to be certified, then turn in certified papers by November 12 to secure a slot on the second half of a recall ballot. 

September Local Unemployment

Fall River's Unemployment Rate moved up by half a percentage point to 10.5% for the month of September; the number of people who filed for unemployment compensation moved up by a little over 200 people. 

In New Bedford, unemployment in September dropped by two tenths of a percentage point, as a little under 100 people either dropped off the rolls or found new employment. 

Unemployment dropped in Somerset by a tenth of a percentage point, from 7.8% in August to 7.7% in August, while in Swansea, unemployment went up by two tenths of a percentage point, from 7.6% in August, to 7.8% in September. 





WindowGate in Fall River: Cadime Says Flanagan Gave the Order

Former Fall River City Administrator Shawn Cadime tells WSAR that Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan issued the order for ''one or two windows'' of the eventual 22 that were installed in the 6th floor of Government Center during the Summer of 2013. 

Cadime tells WSAR that he was not aware of what was going on until he and Community Maintenance Director Ken Pacheco noticed the staging area for the project taking shape during the Spring of 2013. 

Cadime tells WSAR, as part of the Monday Edition of ''The WSAR Newsroom'', that he tried to assure that any checks cut for Global Glass of New England would revert back to the City, as the firm's owner, Moses Raposa, owed somewhere between $800,000 to nearly a million dollars in back taxes. 

Raposa eventually used a Westport based sub contractor to do the actual labor, then allegedly wrote bad checks to cover the more than $50,000 price tag.


Cadime is In

Former Fall River City Administrator Shawn Cadime has indicated to WSAR that he will take out nomination papers this afternoon to run in the December 16 Recall Election as a contender for Mayor of Fall River. 

Cadime is a former member of the Fall River School Committee who was named to the City Administrator post by Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan during Flanagan's First Term, and was removed before the start of Flanagan's Third Term earlier this year. 

Cadime becomes the 10th Fall River resident to take out nomination papers, joining current City Council Member Mike Miozza, and former council member, Attorney Dave Dennis, and current Mayor Will Flanagan, along with seven other residents who are gathering the 50 signatures to turn in for certification in November. 


MA Gas Prices This Week

The price of a gallon of Regular Self Serve Unleaded Gasoline is down 9 cents from a week ago according to this week's Triple A of Southern New England survey.

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Massachusetts is $3.17 per gallon, with a national average of $3.10.

WSAR has noted prices in Fall River and Somerset ranging from $3.09 to 3.39 a gallon over the weekend. 

The Triple A of Southern New England Survey finds a price range of 54 cents, from a low of $2.89 to a high of $3.43. 





Dennis Makes Nine

The Fall River Elections Office has indicated to WSAR that former Fall River City Council Member Dave Dennis has taken out nomination papers to become the 9th potential contender on the second half of the December 16 Fall River Mayoral Recall Ballot. 

Dennis gave up his council seat as one of four contenders for the Bristol Sixth Democratic Nomination won by Carole Fiola in 2013, then ran a sticker campaign for a council seat in November 2013. 

Flanagan Resign? 3 Council Members Say Yes, Three Call for a Temp Leave

Whether it be through provisions in the Fall River City Charter that allow for a Mayor to step aside on a temporary basis for various incapacitates, or an outright resignation that ends the Mayor's time in office, a majority of Fall River City Council Members are calling for Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan to resign from office, or at least step aside on a temporary basis. 

Fall River City Council Member Dan Rego has called on Flanagan to leave office on WSAR and during debate in Council Chambers, while Linda Pereria and Jasiel Correia II have now both endorsed resignation, while Leo Pelliter, Council Vice President Ray Mitchell and Mike Miozza are expressing a desire to see Flanagan take a temporary leave from office. 

Miozza and Correia told WSAR this afternoon they would support a vote of no confidence if council were asked to address the issue; several council members have made it clear they have no trust in financial or legal information coming from the Sixth Floor. 

Correia v Flanagan Fall River Civil Suit

First Term Fall River City Council Member Jasiel Correia II has informed WSAR, on Friday's Edition of The ''WSAR Newsroom'' that he will be in court next week to file a Civil Complaint versus Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan, for statements Flanagan allegedly made regarding Correia's citation by the FRPD and others regarding alleged harrasment by members of the Fall River Recall Movement earlier this summer. 

Correia tells WSAR he had asked Flanagan to stop making statements regarding Correia's character to various Fall River and Providence media outlets. 

Fall River Recall Trial

The question of if a Recall Election aimed at Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan will happen on December 16 could be answered in a New Bedford Superior Courtroom starting on Monday October 27 at 9am, when a non jury trial in the case will begin. 

New Bedford Superior Court Judge Thomas McGwire issued a four page ruling Thursday Afternoon setting the trial date, writing that both parties would have time to appeal any ruling that results in Superior Court. 

Eleven witnesses who might have been asked to testify before the Fall River Board of Elections earlier this fall, may now be asked to testify during trial via subpoena. 





Operation Get Shorty

A Providence County Grand Jury has reported out a 101 count indictment charging 21 people with various counts related to poession of cocaine, possession with intent to deliver and other narcotics counts.

The indictments result from a multi agency effort dubbed ''Operation Get Shorty'' that attempted to crack a cocaine distribution ring throughout Rhode Island.

Four men with ties to the immediate area--59 year old Stephen Graustein of New Bedford, 53 year old Joseph Medeiros of Somerset, 41 year old Eric Hiltz of North Attleboro and 56 year old Glenn Baird of Tiverton--each face 4 counts of conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substance Act and 2 counts of Solicitation of Another to Commit a Felony. 




The Fall River Field Grows to 7

Two more contenders for the December 16 Recall Election have taken out nomination papers to have their names placed on the second half of Fall River's Mayoral Recall Ballot. 
Fall River Residents Neil Stewart and Ronald Cabral have taken out nomination papers as of Wednesday, raising the potential field to seven. 
Cabral has made the finals in the past 2 City Council Election Cycles, while Stewart is the third person to take out nomination papers who has not previously run for elective office in Fall River. 

This Weekend's Braga Bridge Work

MassDot is set to implement closure of an additional traffic lane on Interstate 1-95 East and Westbound on the Braga Bridge from 9pm Friday to 1pm Saturday; MassDot says the closure is needed to perform Deck Repairs prior to the onset of winter.
One Travel Lane will be maintained on I 1-95 East and Westbound on the bridge; the Veterans Memorial Bridge is the best means to cross the Taunton River while work proceeds this weekend on the Braga Bridge.  

Fall River's Nitrogen Issues

The City of Fall River is waiting for word from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding a renewed permit for the Fall River Water Treatment Plant that would perhaps require the removal of Nitrogen Components from the City's Drinking Water Supply.
Following proposed regulations could come with a $70 Million Plus Price Tag, according to Terry Sullivan, Fall River's Director of Community Utilities, who briefed the nine member City Council earlier this week. 
Sullivan told Council that Fall River has joined in a partnership with Taunton and Brockton to fight the new regulations; Sullivan told Council that he will argue that the science used to reach the conclusions is questionable at best; Sullivan says he will argue the city needs to finish the Combined Sewer Overflow project first before taking on another multi million dollar expenditure. 

The Fall River Nomination Papers Question

There are new issues cropping up with the proposition of a recall aimed at Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan. 

Fall River City Council President Joe Camara has indicated to WSAR that Flanagan has not yet signed the order handed up from City Council this past week which sets a recall election date and puts a calendar in motion regarding the process towards a December 16 election date. 

Flanagan has 10 days to sign the order; it would go into effect without his signature. 

According to Fall River Election Commissioner Elizabeth Camara, the matter will likely land on the desk of City Solicitor Gary Howayeck on Tuesday, and will likely be debated once Government Center reopens from the Monday Federal Holiday. 

Fall River City Council Vice President Ray Mitchell tells WSAR that council has several options available to it as it meets Tuesday Night. 




Costa for Mayor?

On Monday's edition of ''The WSAR Newsroom'', Fall River School Committee Vice Chair Mark Costa tells WSAR that he is considering a run for Mayor, as part of the recall ballot that will list a number of contenders to perhaps replace current Mayor Will Flanagan is he is recalled. 

Costa could join a field of 5 or more contenders that either already pulled papers or are mulling over the process; he tells WSAR he will likely decide in a matter of days. 

Fall River School Committee 14 October Agenda

The Fall River School Committee meets Tuesday Night in the Morton Middle School Auditorium with a ten item agenda on the docket, with a 6:30pm start time. 

The seven member Committee will discuss 2014 MCAS Scores, and hear from the DESE about when, or if, monitoring of the district will end. 

The faculty at Fonseca will be on hand to discuss extended day learning. 

Due to the Columbus Day Holiday on Monday, both the Fall River School Committee and the Fall River City Council will meet on the same night. 




The Fall River Recall Election Papers Updated Friday

Fall River Election Commissioner Elizabeth Camara tells WSAR that with nomination papers now available for the December 16 Recall Election, five contenders have taken out papers on day one, including Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan and current City Council Member Mike Miozza, and one of the 12 names on the orginal Recall Document, Daniel Botelho who ran for a council seat in the last election cycle, along with Richard Branco and John Douglas Vanderhoek. 


The final day to obtain nomination papers is October 27, with the deadline to turn in papers for certification set for October 29, while the last day to turn in certified papers for a slot on the ballot is November 12.


Pending a potential court decision, Camara and Fall River City Clerk Allison Bouchard have indicated to WSAR this fall that in their interpretation of election law, and according to the Commonwealth's Election Division in the Secretary of State's office, Flanagan can appear as a contender for Mayor on the same ballot on which he is the subject of a recall attempt.



Fall River--WindowGate

Fall River City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros has confirmed, in a text to the WSAR Newsroom, that the installation of 22 windows on the Sixth Floor of Government Center was completed in the Summer of 2013 with no building permit, no insurance certificate or a performance bond, which could have left the city open to significant liability had an accident occurred in the completion of the work by a Westport based subcontractor. 


Viveiros was not a part of the administration in 2013; former City Administrator Shawn Cadime has indicated to WSAR he did not sign off on the work involving the windows. 


Viveiros tells WSAR that trying to find out who ordered the work completed is difficult to ascertain without the proper paperwork, which apparently was never filed. 






WindowGate in Fall River--Who Gave The Code Red?

The owner of Global Glass New England in Fall River has turned himself in to answer to a criminal complaint regarding a Westport Subcontractor who installed 22 windows on the Sixth Floor in Fall River's Government Center during the Summer of 2013, in a project was not assigned a Contract or a Work Order, as no paper trail has been located thus far in Government Center, and as of now, no one knows who signed off on the project to install new windows, primarily in the city's legal department. 

Moses Rapoza was wanted on 9 counts of allegedly passing bad checks, and a single count of larceny over $250. 

Fall River City Council Member Dan Rego told WSAR on Wednesday's edition of the ''WSAR Newsroom'' that, while the A-Gs office has indicated thus far that the City of Fall River has no liability regarding the more than $50,000 in question, the city could still face what Rego described as a Mechanics Lien that could be filed in order to recover the cost of the work and materials. 

Rego is calling for an investigation by the Inspector General's office of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros and Community Maintenance Director Ken Pacheco had indicated to WSAR that there was nothing in either the FY 2013 or FY 2014 Municipal Budgets to cover the cost of the work that no one signed off on. 

In a release issued Wednesday Afternoon, the FRPD has indicated that Rapoza's Defense Attorney is not allowing his client to be interviewed by investigators. 





Special Fall River Council Meeting Thursday

The Fall River City Council will meet in a Special Session on Thursday Afternoon at 5:30pm to set a date for the Recall Election aimed at Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan. 

Still to be decided is when, or if, a 60 day countdown clock has started for anyone interested to take out nomination papers to appear on the second half of the ballot as a contender for Mayor. 
The other question that is not spelled out in the 1981 statute that governs Recall Elections is whether or not the current Mayor could run as a contender for Mayor on the same ballot where he is the subject of a recall. 

The Plymouth Project

MassDot has announced that the Plymouth Avenue Roadway Construction Project will be completed in the late Spring or Early Summer of 2015.
As of now, it includes a new turn lane at the Plymouth Avenue Walgreens location to better accommodate traffic flow in Fall River's South End. 
The work will commence with the final top course paving in the Spring, and temporary painting will be added for the coming Winter. 
New Sidewalks on Plymouth, and new Traffic Lights at the intersection of Plymouth and Rodman, are among the other items related to this particular project. 

MA Gasoline Prices This Week

Gasoline prices in the Commonwealth have dropped by 6 cents a gallon compared to a week ago, and according to Triple A of Southern Massachusetts, are the lowest recorded in 2014 thus far. 
The average price for a gallon of regular self serve unleaded gasoline is now at $3.32; prices locally are 13 cents lower than one month ago. 
WSAR has noted local price points of anywhere from $3.23 in Fall River and Somerset to a high of $3.49.
The Triple A average has seen a range of 59 cents with a low of 3-10 to a high of $3.69. 

Fall River Free Cash Number

The City of Fall River is set to receive $3,960,000 in so called Free Cash; the number is nearly a million dollars more than had been originally forecast by The Sixth Floor; a sum of $3.1 million could be headed to cover FY 2014 Transportation line items with the Fall River School Department, with a chunk will also have to go to stabilization line items in order to protect the city's Bond Rating. 

City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros tells WSAR that she is reviewing whether or not Fall River Mayor and School Committee Chair Will Flanagan did indeed promise that the school department's issues would be covered under Free Cash. 

Viveiros says the City has also filed for a waiver of either a portion of or the entire $3.1 million dollars in transportation dollars from the DESE. 

The Fall River Board of Elections Issues

The potential end of hearings this week before the Fall River Board of Elections on issues related to a recall election aimed at Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan could come about as a result of a trio of recusals, as Fall River Election Commissioner Elizabeth Camara, who is a first cousin to City Clerk Allison Bouchard, who could be called to testify, while two other Commissioners, Greg Brihante and Micheal Dunn, are the subject of a joint filing made by the two attorneys representing the Recall Movement and Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan, that was issued this morning. 

Documents obtained by WSAR indicated the Camara issue earlier this afternoon. 

If the trio recuse themselves, it would effectively end the hearings, which were to resume on Tuesday, with the possible testimony of a group of people who allege they were subject to forms of harassment when signatures were being gathered earlier this summer. 

Its likely that objections would be filed before a Superior Court Judge at some point this week or next regarding the gathering of signatures and the legitimacy of some of the more than 3800 that were certified last month. 

The setting of an election date could follow any court challenges that would come from either side. 

The New Board of Elections Schedule

The Fall River Board of Elections has called off a scheduled Monday session that had been set for 6pm.

The current schedule for hearings into the Recall Process is now set for Tuesday at 7pm; Wednesday at 6pm; Thursday at 7pm; Friday at 6pm, and if needed, Saturday at 10am. 

All the sessions will happen at Fall River's Government Center Atrium. 

New Bedford Saint Patrick Murder Conviction

A New Bedford man has been convicted of Second Degree Murder in connection to the March 2012 stabbing death of 33 year old Melvin Pina in New Bedford. 

28 year old Jose Carrion will be sentenced on Monday at 9am after a seven day trial and 3 days of delberations before the jury returned a verdict on Friday. 

Carrion was accused of stabbing the victim five times after the two men encountered each other at an Underground Conduit Street Dance Club in the early morning hours of March 17, 2012.

Pina's body was found in the backyard of a Bates Street home shortly after daybreak.





More on Hernandez

With the countdown to the begriming of the Aaron Hernandez Trial in the murder of Boston Semi Pro Football Player Odin Lloyd set to begin on January 9, 2015, in the Fall River Justice Center, attorneys on both sides have spent three days arguing to Presiding Judge E. Susan Garth about issues related to evidence gleamed from a Blackberry Cell Phone that may have been the primary phone used by the former Patriot, and one of the first interviews at the North Attleboro Police Station of Hernandez. 

Defense Attorneys are trying to throw the evidence out before the beginning of the trial, arguing that Massachusetts State Police abused their power under search warrants that were obtained in the days following the discovery of the body of Odin Lloyd; much of the prosecution's case rests on circumstantial evidence, including the setting of a timeline of where Hernandez and his associates were the night Lloyd was murdered. 

The SouthCoast Debate

Organizers of a Gubinatorial Debate centering on issues related to the SouthCoast are reporting that Republican Nominee Charlie Baker and Democratic Nominee, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, have agreed to a one hour debate at UMass Dartmouth starting at 4pm, Friday, October 17. 







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