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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When will Tiger Woods return to professional golf?

It's the question everyone is asking after the 40-year-old star golfer withdrew himself from the 2016 British Open.

Woods underwent back surgeries in the fall and has not played professionally since last August. Friday's decision marks the third straight major he has missed.

Last weekend, he said he was uncertain he would be able to play at all in 2016.

"I don't know," said Woods according to ESPN. "I want to play. Put it that way. I want to play. I don't know if I will. But I do want to. But I'm trying. I'm trying each and every day I'm doing my workouts. ... I'm working my tail off."

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iStock/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- The Pistol Shrimps aren't that great at basketball.

Their current season has been rough, and some of the players don't even know the fundamental rules of the game.

But somehow, some way, the Los Angeles recreational women's basketball team has inspired a podcast, garnered a massive online following, sells a line of merchandise and stars in a new documentary directed by Brent Hodge and produced by Morgan Spurlock called The Pistol Shrimps.

"We've just kind of been doing our thing and people have just been like, 'Oh, can we do something?' And we're like, 'Yeah, fine,' and then someone with a camera shows up and we're in Tribeca for the film festival," Maria Blasucci, who is the team captain and an actor and writer, told ABC News' Nightline.

Amongst teams like the Kimmie Dribblers, the Lucille Ballers and the Travelling Pants, the Pistol Shimps stand out. It helps that their players are largely comedians, actresses, models and writers, including Aubrey Plaza, who starred in Parks and Recreation and the upcoming Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

"One time, this girl who I was defending, she asked me if I would take a picture with her after the game, and I said, 'If you give me the ball right now,' and she just handed it to me and I made a lay-up," Plaza told Nightline.

Plaza brought the team up in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and since then, their following has continued to grow.

"Talk shows are weird. Like, I never know what to say on those things and the questions are normally like, 'Well, what are you up to?' So I just talked about my basketball team and then I guess it went viral, as they say," Plaza said.

The Pistol Shrimps have revived the previously obscure and semi-defunct league, overseen by the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks. People who don't normally like sports come to watch their games, and they even have their own dance team, led by Pistol Shrimp player Angela Trimbur, that performs at halftime.

"I came to the first game because I thought it was a joke ... because it was comedians. I just thought it was a weird improv show in a gym," Pistol Shrimps fan Patrick Fisackerly told Nightline. "It's real. It's absolutely real. We care about this a lot."

With all the love on and off the court, Plaza has dropped some hints that could rock the Pistol Shrimps come next season.

"Since my injury in December, I've had a lot of time to think about my basketball career. ... I've decided to test free agency. I need to assess my options, and I'm going to sit with my family and think about, you know, what team is better for me," Plaza said.

Despite the potential blow to their lineup, the Pistol Shrimps remain nothing but positive.

"We have inspired a whole group of women around Los Angeles that were lacking something in their lives and now have an outlet for, I don't know, fun, sports, things that aren't involved in the industry," Pistol Shrimps player and comedian Molly Hawkey told Nightline. "The first season there were seven teams. The second there were 12. The third season there were 24. Last season there were 26."

"Women want to get out there and do something fun with their friends, something physical that isn't drinking wine and watching a movie. You know, it's just to be told, 'It's okay to not be good at basketball. It's okay to just come out and have fun,'" Blasucci said.

But the women play to win.

"We're all very competitive," said model and Pistol Shrimp player Paisley Grey.

Blasucci agrees, "Everyone thinks it's like a joke. Like, 'Oh my God, some girls in the entertainment industry playing basketball,' and then they get here and realize we're for real."

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Landon Donovan may have accidentally found his new calling.

The iconic soccer star has been calling games for Sprint and the Copa America tournament earlier this month and the feedback has been tremendous from soccer fans.

Chile won in the Copa finals over Argentina last week, but before the big game, Donovan spoke to ABC News about this new chapter.

"I lived in a time in U.S. Soccer when nobody cared about any of this stuff," he said candidly. "Now, when Fox calls and says, 'We want you to commentate,' it's really exciting. ... I got pretty good feedback and they asked if I wanted to keep doing it."

The 34-year-old isn't sure yet if this is his path, but he's enjoying commentating on the matches and "I think I can improve. ... I'm keeping the option open."

Donovan said Sprint sponsored the Copa tournament and had special signings at fan headquarters, along with other technological partnerships to elevate the excitement for the loyal viewers.

"My motto for soccer in this country is progress not perfection," Donovan said. "These things take time. Other sports, other leagues, other teams have taken 50, 60, 70 years. ... We just need time. When you look at how far we've come, it's really impressive."

Heading into the 2016 Olympic Games later this summer, Donovan picked the U.S. women as his favorites.

"The crazy thing is they will have a number of players who won't make the roster but would probably be the best player on any other team in the world," he added. "Players being cut that would be absolute stars on other teams."

When the topic of equal pay came up, he said, "I'm not privy to everything that goes on. These things are very complicated, they are never black and white."

"But my personal opinion is that I do believe the women deserve to make more money, no question," he continued. "How much more is based on how you negotiate and use leverage to position yourself. The women deserve everything they get. I hope they stay strong and fight for what they want."

The U.S. Women's team filed a wage-discrimination action against the U.S. Soccer Federation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in March, citing that they make upwards of 25 percent less than some of the men.

The U.S. women took home gold in the last Summer Games in 2012, held in the U.K.

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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- Point guard Jeremy Lin is reportedly coming back to New York.

Sources tell ESPN the free agent met with the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday and both sides agreed on a three-year, $36 million contract.

"The journey continues...thankful for the next chapter!! #Godisgood," Lin tweeted Friday morning, along with a picture of him in a Nets uniform.

The journey continues...thankful for the next chapter!! #Godisgood

— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) July 1, 2016

The 27-year-old last played in New York for the Knicks in 2011-12.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — It's that time again. Bobby Bonilla receives his annual Mets payout Friday.

Each year on July 1, from now until 2035, the former Major League Baseball player collects a check for $1,193,248.20 from the New York Mets.

The money is part of a deferred buyout deal — paid over 25 installments — that the team agreed to after the 1999 season. Bonilla was owed $5.9 million, but instead of simply footing the bill, the Mets agreed to a delayed annual payment plan that went into effect in 2011.

July 1, 2016, marks the sixth payment, with 19 remaining. In total, the Mets will pay Bonilla $29.8 million in the yearly payments.

Bonilla — who hasn’t played in the major leagues since 2001 — will earn more money from the Mets this season than 13 players currently on the team's active roster, according to salary data.

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Eric Cadigan/iStock/Thinkstock(SONOMA, Calif.) -- The Sonoma Stompers have become the first professional baseball team since the 1950’s to have multiple women players on its roster.

The team announced the signings of 17-year-old outfielder Kelsie Whitemore and 25-year old pitcher Stacy Piagno on Thursday. The team says they will both be in the starting lineup on Friday.

Sonoma GM Theo Fightmaster told that the signings are no publicity stunt, and they will give the two a chance to earn playing time.

It’s not the first time the Stompers have made history. In 2015, pitcher Sean Conroy came out to become the first openly gay professional baseball player. In 2014, former big league star Bill Lee pitched for the team and became the oldest player to get a professional win at age 67.

In a statement, Fightmaster said "they “ope this sends a message to the rest of the baseball world that there is room for women and girls in this game – from Little League to the Major Leagues.”

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Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images(DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.) — NBC takes over coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with its first broadcast of the season -- Saturday night's Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

Speaking at Daytona on Thursday, where rain hampered the day's practice sessions, Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he was looking for a win to solidify his position in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

"Obviously we need to get a win to put all that to bed but nothing is guaranteed," Earnhardt said, according to  "If we don't get a win going into the Chase we're going to have to do well in these next 10 races and just be real consistent."

Going into Saturday's race Junior is 12th in points, but his last win was in Phoenix in November.  Considered one of the circuit's best restrictor-plate racers, Earnhardt has ten of his 26 career Sprint Cup victories in restrictor-plate races, four at Daytona, and he is defending champion of this weekend's race.

"Wondering and worrying about trying to make the Chase shouldn't be something that we're concerned with," said Earnhardt, who has qualified for the Chase for the past five years. "In the past several years, we've sat around the top five in points throughout the season. Things just came easier for us. They're not coming so easy today and we've just got to keep working."

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:


Kansas City 4, St. Louis 2
San Francisco 12, Oakland 6


N.-Y. Yankees 2, Texas 1
Chi. White Sox 6, Minnesota 5
Cleveland 4, Toronto 1
Detroit 10, Tampa Bay 7
Seattle 5, Baltimore 3


Los Angeles 8, Milwaukee 1
Washington 13, Cincinnati 4
N.-Y. Mets 4, Chi.Cubs 3
Atlanta 8, Miami 5

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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- The Zika virus is a topic of concern with athletes heading to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in August.

ABC News spoke to Winter Olympics gold medalist Lindsey Vonn on Wednesday and got her take on the issue.

"There’s historically been a lot of controversy around a number of Olympics, but this affects the athletes to a level we haven’t seen before," she said. "If I were competing, I’d probably still go down there."

But Vonn will not be competing until 2018, and thus "as a spectator, I've decided not to go down there ... but I’ll be watching on my couch ... enjoying it nonetheless."

The virus has been known to cause a birth defect in some babies born to infected mothers, according to a Brazilian Ministry of Health report earlier this month. Some worried athletes have dropped out of the games, including Australian golfer Marc Leishman and cyclist Tejay van Garderen. George Boville, an Olympic bronze medalist swimmer for Trinidad and Tobago, also told ABC News in February that the virus "is definitely a concern."

For her part, Vonn acknowledged how tough it is for the athletes to decide whether to attend the games.

"You work your whole life for" these games, she said. "It’s a really difficult decision for these athletes to make, go down there or not."

Vonn herself is promoting the games in a roundabout way, working with Team USA sponsor Reese's for its "Do Summer Like a Winter Olympian" campaign.

U.S. Olympic Committee officials told ABC News earlier this year that their focus is to educate and alert the country's athletes with advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We’re taking steps to ensure that our delegation and those affiliated with Team USA are aware of the CDC’s recommendations regarding travel to Brazil," USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky told ABC News in February.

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Rich Arden / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- The Memphis Grizzlies are confident they can keep Mike Conley in their lineup, sources tell ESPN.

The point guard has been with the Grizzlies since 2007, when he was selected by the team in the first round of the NBA draft. Now a free agent, Conley is expected to sit down with the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, ESPN reports.

The Mavericks are also said to be pursuing Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside.

Memphis, in turn, is interested in Dallas small forward Chandler Parsons, sources say.

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