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(LOS ANGELES) -- Opening nationwide on Friday:

The Emoji Movie -- Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller heads an all-star voice cast in this animated adventure, revolving around Gene, an emoji with multiple expressions, on a journey to become "normal," like the other emojis. Also starring Anna Faris, Patrick Stewart, James Corden and Maya Rudolph. Rated PG.

* Atomic Blonde -- Charlize Theron stars in this action thriller based on Antony Johnston and Sam Hart's 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City, about an undercover MI6 agent investigating the murder of a fellow agent in Berlin during the Cold War. Also starring James McAvoy, Eddie Marsan and John Goodman. Rated R.

Opening in limited release on Friday:

Detroit -- This film from Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker writer and director Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow is based on the true story of the 1967 police raid at Detroit's Algiers Motel, in which three young African American men were killed, amidst a days-long riot. Starring Star Wars' John Boyega, Captain America: Civil War's Anthony Mackie and Algee Smith. Rated R.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power -- A decade after the release of the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, about former United States Vice President Al Gore's continuing mission to battle climate change, this sequel looks at the progress made to tackle the problem, culminating in the landmark signing of 2016's Paris Agreement. Rated PG.



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HBO/Anne Marie Fox

(LOS ANGELES) -- Issa Rae is sharing her appreciation for black love as depicted on-screen in the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and explaining why she's not exactly interested in working with white lead characters.

"We don’t get to see black lust in a normalized and natural way that isn’t hypersexualized," she explains in regards to film and television. "Young black people have sex. Sometimes it’s good sex, sometimes it’s bad sex, sometimes it’s revenge sex. There’s so many different facets. It’s such a privilege to show that and it feels so real."

The Insecure actress is excited to share stories that reflect her community.  That's part of the reason that for now, Rae says she's only focusing on projects with people of color in the lead roles.

“I can honestly say that I have zero aspirations to work on stories with white lead characters," she said. "There are so many opportunities with white leads and so many people like to tell those stories. So no offense to anyone but no, I’m not interested.”

The full interview with Issa Rae is now available in the new issue of Cosmopolitan.

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Photo: N.S. Park

(NEW YORK) -- While promoting his new supernatural thriller novel, Talon of God, ABC Radio asked Wesley Snipes about one of his most memorable characters -- Blade, the vampire hunter born on the pages of Marvel Comics. 

Snipes played the titular hero three times, helping spark the current craze for comic adaptations. He tells us if Marvel Studios will have him, he'd be back in black.

"We've had some discussions, but nothing concrete for the moment," the actor says. "We shall see. The Marvel Universe is continuing to grow, and I think that, yeah, when they're ready, I'll be ready." 

Snipes things there's more Blade story to be told.  "I don't think that we accomplished what we could have accomplished, and we ended the series, the franchise, in an unsatisfactory way, for me," he says.  "So I would like to go back and do it one more time to show what we've learned over the years and how much better we are. The first ones were experiments. Plus, there's just so many people asking for it!

In the meantime," he laughs, "We're moving with Talon of God." 

About the book, Snipes says, "You don't see books situated in fantasy situated in the urban community, so this is something we...decided that we would put in Talon of God. We would situate the events in Chicago, and wrap that around this battle between good and evil forces, and maybe present it in a way that's palatable and digestible by the youth in the streets as well as the 'members of the congregation.'"

Co-written by Ray Norman, Talon of God centers on a pair of unlikely heroes who take on a sinister plan to keep society under the thumb of demonic possession. It's on sale now.

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NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images/Dana Edelson(LOS ANGELES) -- It took cutting edge genetic technology to prove what HAD to be true: Larry David and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are actually related.

David, who played his political doppelganger to rave reviews on Saturday Night Live, made the revelation during an appearance Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour.

It was a bit of a spoiler, as it turns out.

The cranky co-creator of Seinfeld and star and creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm said he learned of the link when he took part in an upcoming episode of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, JR. on PBS, a show in which celebrities learn about their ancestry.

"I was very happy about that," David said of the findings. Then he joked, "They told me not to say anything! You just spilled the beans!"

Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm returns on October 1 on HBO.

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Getty Images/Jason Kempin(NEW YORK) -- Once again, Jerry Seinfeld is back on top of the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid comedians.

Kevin Hart, last year’s highest-paid comic, dropped to number six on the list, with $32.5 million; the magazine reports a huge Netflix stand-up deal boosted Jerry's bottom line to a whopping $69 million. 

Seinfeld's pal Chris Rock is second with a $57 million haul, followed closely by Louis C.K., who earned $52 million, according to the 2017 list.

Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer round out the top five, with $47 million, and $37 million, respectively. 

Here are the top five highest-paid comics, and their estimated earnings:

 1. Jerry Seinfeld - $69,000,000 
 2. Chris Rock - $57,000,000 
 3. Louis C.K. - $52,000,000 
 4. Dave Chappelle - $47,000,000 
 5. Amy Schumer - $37,500,000 

See the full list at

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ABC/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) -- Now that he's ditched the briefing room, is Sean Spicer considering a move to the ballroom?

The embattled former White House Press Secretary, who announced his resignation last Friday, reportedly is being courted by ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and a beltway source tells the New York Post that the rumor "has legs."

Spicer, 45, was spotted leaving the New York City offices of the four major TV networks, says the source, adding that some executives "made the full-court press” for the touchy spokesperson, while others “just kicked the tires.”

Spicer had no comment when reached by phone by the newspaper on Wednesday. An ABC rep said, “We don’t comment on casting.”

Current Energy Secretary and former Texas Governor Rick Perry competed on last season's Dancing with the Stars after a losing bid for the GOP presidential nomination. He was booted off DWTS after the third week.

Dancing with the Stars returns for its 25th season September 18 on ABC.

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Photo: Eric Charbonneau(DETROIT) -- Detroit, Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow's drama set in the racially charged 1967 Detroit clash between police and black residents, opens in limited release this weekend -- with wide release coming next week. 

For all involved, including Bigelow, director of Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, the movie is not just about a 50 year old event but its connection to racial tensions today.

"Its topicality and timeliness made it an imperative to tell this story, to me," Bigelow said at a premiere event in Detroit this week.

One of the movie's stars, Avengers actor Anthony Mackie, said he hopes the movie will be instructive. "I think largely what happened in Detroit 50 years ago is forgotten," he said. "So I hope that people go see this movie and remember where we were, see where we are and from this point do something different."

Bigelow hopes the movie will even be healing, helping people see one another from the other's perspective. "Our culture is very divided, and I think we need to find an opportunity, or many opportunities, to build a bridge," she said.

The movie focuses on a single episode during the riots -- sparked by a police raid on an unlicensed club led to four days of rioting and looting with President Lyndon Johnson calling in troops, leaving 43 dead and the city in flames. So, it tries to mix a dramatic story with the history. 

For star John Boyega, of Star Wars fame, it works. "The great thing about movies [is] we are able to dramatize and go into depth about [a] situation on an emotional level as well as factual," he said. "Detroit rides a good balance, and now's the time for us to have these conversations."

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ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- After more or less laying low for the past couple of years, Jon Stewart is returning to the small screen in a big way.

Stewart, who stepped down as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show in 2015, will headline his first HBO stand-up special in more than 20 years, and emcee the upcoming Night of Too Many Stars charity benefit for autism, Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming announced on Wednesday.

The new comedy special, which doesn't have a title or airdate yet, will be the first for the 54-year-old comedian since Jon Stewart: Unleavened in 1996.

“I’m really thrilled to be able to return to stand-up on HBO,” says Stewart. ”They’ve always set the standard for great stand-up specials. Plus, I can finally use up the last of the Saddam Hussein jokes left over from my first special.”

Additionally, this fall Stewart will host the latest Night of Too Many Stars all-star benefit for NEXT For AUTISM, airing live from The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 18. The special, created by comedy writer and performer Robert Smigel to support autism schools, programs and services, will feature stand-up performances, sketches and short films.

NEXT for AUTISM -- formerly New York Collaborates for Autism -- is a non-profit organization that strategically designs, launches and supports innovative programs to improve the lives of people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“We’re excited to bring Jon to the network with this pair of specials, says Bloys. "We’ve all missed his uniquely thoughtful brand of humor.”

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Getty Images/Harold Cunningham(LOS ANGELES) -- In an in-depth interview with Vanity Fair, Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie talks about her upcoming projects, her family life following her split from husband Brad Pitt, and reveals some recent health scares.

Following surgery to remove her ovaries as a preventative measure against cancer, Jolie, 42, says she began menopause and developed hypertension, both side-effects of the operation. In addition, the left side of her face began to droop last year, leading to a diagnosis of Bell's palsy. 

She credits acupuncture with helping her facial nerves recover. Despite having drier skin and some extra gray hairs -- "I can’t tell if it’s menopause or if it’s just been the year I’ve had," she jokes -- Jolie is taking the changes in stride. 

"I actually feel more of a woman because I feel like I’m being smart about my choices, and I’m putting my family first, and I’m in charge of my life and my health," she says.  "I think that’s what makes a woman complete."

Jolie's "very proud" of her kids: 15-year-old Maddox, 13-year-old Pax, 12-year-old Zahara, 10-year-old Shiloh, and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. "They’re six very strong-minded, thoughtful, worldly individuals," she says.  She added of the "difficult" time that led to her break-up with Pitt, "They’ve been very brave ...We’re all just healing from the events that led to the filing...They’re not healing from divorce. They’re healing from...things in life.”

Jolie and Pitt split after an allegedly drunken outburst from the actor aimed at Maddox. About her relationship with Pitt now, she offered, "We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal."

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(L-R) Jon Lung, Brian Louden -- Science Channel - 2017(LOS ANGELES) -- Get ready for more massive explosions, all in the name of science!  Mythbusters will return to TV November 15.

The Science Channel revealed the news Wednesday at the Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles, and talked up the show's new hosts as well.  Earlier this year, Brian Louden and Jon Lung were named the winners of MythBusters: The Search, a show designed to find people to replace the series' fan-favorite original hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. 

"As evidenced by their amazing work on MythBusters: The Search, Brian and Jon are clearly superstars with a knack for building and executing creative and mind-blowing experiments," said Marc Etkind, General Manager of Science Channel in a statement.

Texas native Louden has a biology degree and extensive work in emergency medicine, and also worked as a drilling engineer. Lung, a native New Yorker, has a varied background in product design, and wood and metal fabrication.

The original series kicked off in 2003 on the Discovery Channel, and was nominated multiple times for Emmy Awards in the outstanding reality series category.

A shake-up took place before the show's final season that saw the network cut co-stars Grant Imahara, Tori Belleci, and Kari Byron from the show, angering many fans, and leaving just Savage and Hyneman to close the show's fourteen-year run on Science in 2016.

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- It’s only fitting that Mariah Carey, the unofficial “Queen of Christmas,” would be involved in a new Christmas-themed film.

On her Twitter page Wednesday, Mariah debuted the new trailer for The Star, an animated flick that explores the story of the first Christmas -- from the animals’ perspective. Mariah won’t be voicing any of the characters, but her new single, also called “The Star,” will be featured in the film. 

Kelly Clarkson is among the voices, along with Gina Rodriguez, Tracy Morgan, Keegan-Michael Key and Oprah Winfrey.

The Star is set to hit theaters November 10.

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Trans actress and activist Laverne Cox -- ABC/Jeff Neira(LOS ANGELES) -- Celebrities and Hollywood have shared their reactions -- mostly of outrage -- to President Donald Trump announcement Wednesday banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. Here are a few of the reactions:

Caitlyn Jenner: There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?

George Takei: History shall record that you are not only the stupidest, most incompetent president ever, but also the cruelest and pettiest. #Shame

Mia Farrow: no. My God. This must be challenged.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Sending a message that hate & discrimination should be tolerated if it saves us money. A shameful yet unsurprising new low. #EqualityForAll

Yvette Nicole Brown: ICYMI the coward who used "bone spurs" to dodge serving in the military want to bar others who WANT to serve or already ARE.

Alyssa Milano: Well, at least Trump isn't announcing major policy change on twitter. Oh, wait...

Busy Phillips: Oh, just a reminder that this--NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.

Stephanie Shepherd: what the actual f*** is happening in D.C?

Zoe Kazan: Every single trans person who has served or WILL serve in our military is braver, stronger & a better patriot & human than @realDonaldTrump

James Corden: Hey Ivanka, James here. Hope all is good, quick question, can you... Erm... Call your dad and have a talk. X 

Seth Rogen: I'm starting to think they don't know what these letters actually stand for.

Sandra Bernhard: @Caitlyn_Jenner wake up sweetheart give Your wonderful president a call & discuss #noTransgender in military congrats on a great choice!

Dustin Lance Black: I grew up in a military w/ LGBT people serving in the shadows. We can't let DT turn back the clock on our brave, trans soldiers. #RISEUP

Mario Batali: wow. did he consider legislation for his cockamamie morning bm thoughts?... or do we bow to the idiot shrine high atop mount misinformed ?

Candis Cayne: As trans women and men We have never asked for anything other than to live our life as our authentic self this hate has to stop!

Andy Cohen: Are you TRYING to be an assh***?

Transgender Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox issued a statement that declared, in part, "This latest reversal of another Obama administration policy continues to send the message to trans Americans that our lives, our safety and service are less valuable and unwanted in this country, the country I love and hold so dear."

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ABC Image Group(LOS ANGELES) -- Taraji P. Henson has been tapped to host BET's 2017 Black Girls Rock Award.

The annual event, created in 2010 by DJ Beverly Bond, highlights black excellence and specifically black women who have broken barriers and uplifted their community, will be held on August 5 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

As part of the ceremony, Henson will present Insecure creator/star Issa Rae with the Star Power Award; singer Roberta Flack with the Living Legend Award; black-ish actress Yara Shahidi with the Young Gifted and Black Award; financier Suzanne Shank with the Shot Caller Award; and community organizers Derrica Wilson and Natalie Wilson of The Black & Missing Foundation with the Community Change Agent Award.

The 2017 Black Girls Rock Award will air on Sunday, August 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET on BET.

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Getty Images/Nicolas Hunt(LOS ANGELES) -- The President is Missing -- the forthcoming novel from former President Bill Clinton and best-selling author James Patterson -- isn't due out until next year, but a bidding war apparently already is brewing in Hollywood for the film rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patterson and Clinton himself are set to meet this week with big-name producers and directors, like Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and J.J. Abrams, as the pair peddle the chance to make the book into a movie.

Little is known about the plot of the novel -- which is set to be published June 11, 2018 -- other than that it is about a president who has gone missing. But a promotional blurb for the book promises a "one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a president can know."

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Getty Images/David J. Hogan(LOS ANGELES) -- Director James Cameron is returning to Titanic.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his film, Cameron and the National Geographic network will partner on an hour-long documentary that will look not only at the making of the film, but also the discoveries about the sunken oceanliner made over the last two decades.

Also taking part will be Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the wreck. Cameron and Ballard will discuss the recently declassified story of Ballard's discovery while on a secret mission for the U.S. Navy.

The special also will explore new research about the doomed ships final hours.

“When I wrote the film, and when I set out to direct it, I wanted every detail to be as accurate as I could make it, and every harrowing moment of the ship’s final hours accounted for,” Cameron said in a statement. “I was creating a living history; I had to get it right out of respect for the many who died and for their legacy. But did I really get it right? Now, with National Geographic and with the latest research, science and technology, I’m going to reassess.” 

Titanic: 20th Anniversary will air in December.

While Cameron and NatGeo will be taking viewers back to Titanic, the network is also pairing with Leonardo DiCaprio to take viewers to the moon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Titanic star’s company, Appian Way Productions, is teaming up with NatGeo to develop a scripted, a multiple-season drama based on The Right Stuff, the 1979 book by Tom Wolfe about the U.S. fighter pilots engaged in postwar research with experimental rocket-powered, high-speed aircraft and documents the stories of the first astronauts selected for the American space program.

DiCaprio will serve as an executive producer.

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