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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Losses across the board on Cyber Monday, but Wall Street still closed out a winning month for the market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 78.57 to close at 17719.92.

The Nasdaq lost 18.86 to finish at 5108.67, while the S&P 500 ended the session at 2080.41, down 9.70 from its open.

After this weekend's holiday shopping failed to impress, retail shares fell including Target and Macy's dropping 1.28 percent and 2.25 percent respectively. Target also struggled Monday after reports of technical issues with the retail giant's website. Tuesday's stocks will be a better indication of the effects of Cyber Monday and sales of the annual online shopping day are expected to hit over $3 billion.

Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates in December? Analysts are saying, "Yes," because of strong job creation in the past month and the Fed's meeting minutes from October released last week revealed most were behind the hike. If the Fed does raise rates, it'll be for the first time since June 2006.

Over the weekend, Amazon teased its "Prime Air" drone delivery system in a new advertisement with the help of U.K. TV personality Jeremy Clarkson. According to the company, the program will deliver orders in 30 minutes or less below an altitude of 400 feet, and could be available in the "not too distant future." Amazon boss Jeff Bezos told The Guardian a few months ago that shoppers in the U.K. could be among the first to try out the program. He also said his deal with Clarkson, made famous by Top Gear, to produce a new auto show was "expensive but worth it."

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images(PARIS) -- The world’s largest climate change summit in Paris has brought not only the union of state leaders but also the private sector to tackle what has become a global threat. Under the leadership of the world’s richest person, Bill Gates, their goal is ambitious: get greenhouse gas emissions down to zero.

The Specifics

Breakthrough Energy Coalition is a compliment to Mission Innovation, an international commitment to fueling research and development in the clean-energy arena. In a statement, the White House said 20 countries are committing to doubling their investment over five years, including the five most populous nations: China, India, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. With technology as a guiding principle, “the new model will be a public-private partnership between governments, research institutions and investors,” the White House said.

Gates hopes to pour in billions of dollars to new companies and research efforts that are involved in developing technologies that bring clean energy to all aspects of our lives.

Who’s Involved?

Months ahead of COP21, Gates announced a personal $2 billion investment in renewable energy to “bend the curve” on climate change. The Breakthrough Energy Coalition has 28 investors from 10 countries in the project. “What we’re asking ourselves to do here is change energy, and that includes all of transport, all of electricity, all of household usage and all of industrial usage,” Gates told The Atlantic.

Backers include Hewlett Packard’s Meg Whitman, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, Indian industrial titans Ratan Tata and Mukesh Amabani, business magnate George Soros, and the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Gates says, “people like myself, who can afford to take big risks with start-up companies, should — because of climate change — be willing to put some number of billions into the spin-offs that will come out of that government-funded activity.”

What’s in It for Us?

In a report on the coalition’s site, Gates writes, “1 billion people lack access to the most basic energy services.”

The investment group aims to make zero-carbon energy available to everyone. One example of a technology he hopes to make available for wide use is solar paint. It could power homes and cars and could be easily implemented. The challenge is to make it safe to use, he says.

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iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- No need to leave the house to satisfy a doughnut craving.

Dunkin Donuts is now offering deliveries in Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Los Angeles, provided by the delivery service DoorDash.

In Chicago, doughnut delivery is available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and hungry customers can have their Dunkin Donuts order within 45 minutes, according to the Chicago Tribune.

DoorDash made the announcement in a tweet on Cyber Monday.

.@DunkinDonuts delivery is going nationwide. Now in #Chicago, #Atlanta, Washington DC & LA.

— DoorDash (@doordash) November 30, 2015

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ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The Hershey Co. has taken some heat for its seasonal Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees.

Some dissatisfied customers took to Twitter this weekend to share sentiments and photos of their unusually shaped chocolaty treats, though the company says this is not a new issue.

Reeses, I need answers

— Benjamin YoungSavage (@benjancewicz) November 26, 2015

Hershey’s "enrobing" process has been creating the undefined-shaped sweets for years, spokeswoman Anna Lingeris told ABC News.

"It’s important to remember that these products are not solid chocolate made in molds, which would have a more distinct shape. They are soft peanut butter centers that are enrobed in chocolate, a process which, by its nature creates, a less-distinct shape," Lingeris said.

The communications manager said the company knows fans look forward to their seasonal snacks of all shapes and sizes. She noted that designs such as Christmas trees "have a higher ratio of peanut butter to chocolate that is distinct from our traditional cups," which may also cause them to lose their shape.

Reese's popular seasonal shapes include eggs for Easter, hearts for Valentine's Day and pumpkins for Halloween to help consumers "Celebrate with Hershey's," according to the company website.

The Trees were introduced in 1993, Lingeris said. Once the complaints caught the company's eye, Hershey apologized to customers via Twitter. The company is asking for formal notes so it can more adequately address the complaints.

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Subscribe To This Feed YORK) — Target's big Cyber Monday deals are almost too much for the Internet to handle.

Some visitors to the retailer's website Monday morning were greeted with a stop light and a message asking them to "please hold tight."

"So sorry, but high traffic's causing delays. If you wouldn't mind holding, we'll refresh automatically & get things going ASAP," the message said. For the first time, Target is offering customers 15 percent off virtually everything on its site using a CYBER15 discount code.

"Both traffic and order volumes are exceeding Target’s Thursday Black Friday event, which was our biggest day ever for online sales," a Target representative told ABC News in a statement. "To help manage the volume, we have been metering traffic to the site. We have teams working diligently to restore to full functionality."

Target is also offering online door-busters and various deals throughout what the company is calling Cyber Week, making Monday an incredibly popular shopping day.

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Amazon(NEW YORK) -- Amazon has given its vision of what the future could look like with its Prime Air drones delivering packages -- perhaps even those from future Cyber Mondays -- in just 30 minutes.

Despite regulatory hurdles, the retailer is moving full speed ahead with its dream of making delivery drones as common as mail trucks. Amazon over the weekend gave the world a look at one of its newest delivery drone prototypes.

The aerial vehicle can carry packages weighing up to five pounds as they cruise below an altitude of 400 feet to reach their destinations. "Sense and avoid" technology helps the drones steer clear of any potential obstacles while flying their delivery routes, according to a video released by Amazon.

The drones are designed to ascend vertically and fly horizontally. Once they reach their destination, the drones are able to scan for a clear landing spot and descend vertically to drop a package before moving back into the air.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the company's futuristic plan in December 2013. The retailer has teased delivery could come in the near future. However, no timeline has been set due to the fact Amazon faces regulatory obstacles that could prevent the retailer from ever realizing its dream of drone delivery.

"Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services we already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system," the company said on its website. "Putting Prime Air into service will take some time, but we will deploy when we have the regulatory support needed to realize our vision."

Amazon won a major victory in March when it was cleared for outdoor drone testing by the Federal Aviation Administration. However, the ruling came with a series of restrictions.

The FAA issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to Amazon on Thursday that will allow the company to begin testing its fleet of delivery drones outdoors. Amazon had previously been testing them inside its Washington facility.

Under the ruling, Amazon has been able to fly its drones outside for the purpose of "research and development and crew training." The certificate comes with several strings attached that limit Amazon's full-fledged ambitions.

During tests, the FAA requires the drones to remain within sight of the pilot -- who must also have a minimum of a private pilot's certificate, the agency said.

The drones are also only allowed to fly during the daytime and only in clear weather conditions. The FAA mandates they also have to stay at an altitude of 400 feet or lower.

Amazon is also being held to strict reporting requirements and must send monthly reports to the FAA on the number of flights conducted, how long pilots flew and any malfunctions or deviations from air traffic controllers' instructions.

Paul Misener, vice president of global public policy at Amazon, said in a statement to ABC News earlier this year that the company was "committed to realizing our vision for Prime Air and are prepared to deploy where we have the regulatory support we need."

A number of other companies have also been experimenting with drones as a delivery method, including Walmart and Google.

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Scott Olson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Good news, procrastinators of America. If you missed the shopping frenzy of the last week, deals abound on Monday.

Here are some of the discounts being offered:


At, a shoe website, merchandise is being offered for up to 70 percent off.

Ariat, the boot company, will offer 30 percent off select styles.

Crocs has traditionally slashed 35 percent.

If you have a favorite brand or department store, check their websites. Many won't announce their sales until Monday morning.


Beauty is also big Monday, and since makeup rarely goes on sale, it's worth taking a look. Check out Sephora and Ulta. They tend to discount gift sets and certain brand lines.

The Body Shop is offering 50 percent off on everything.


Gadgets were offered and significant discounts on Thanksgiving, but the price cuts aren't over just yet. Monday is a good day for TV sales.


65-inch LG 4K TV for $799 — that's $500 off. Apple iPad Mini 2 for $199, a $70 savings.

Gaming Consoles has an Xbox bundle including Gears of War and Halo 5 for $300 (it's usually $435).

Toys 'R' Us has a Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set on sale for $250 (down from $300).


The online giant is offering discounts on multiple items Monday. Here are a few of the expected deals:

$10 off $50 orders of select Black & Decker and Stanley tools.

$25 off $100 orders of select Bosch tools.

15 percent off select video game pre-orders and new releases such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Fallout 4.

Nearly all of Amazon’s e-readers are discounted, including the Kindle Paperwhite ($99.99, down from $119.99).

Target will offer 15 percent off everything with the code CYBER15.

Banana Republic offers 40 percent off everything.

Birchbox offers 25 percent off everything -- including subscriptions -- on orders $35 and up with the code PARTYON

Macy’s offers 20 percent off with the code CYBER.

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KCHL/iStock/ThinkStock(TEHRAN, Iran) -- Iran is taking steps to overhaul the way it offers contracts to foreign energy companies, reports the BBC.

The goal is to attract up to $30 billion in new investments.

The new oil contracts will offer foreign investors a bigger stake in profits, says BBC News. Iran has  some of the world's biggest oil and gas reserves.

The new contracts come as Iran readies for sanctions to be lifted after the historic nuclear deal established back in July.

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Education Images/UIG via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- With all the buying you're planning on doing for Cyber Monday, Goodwill is offering you a chance to give back.

Goodwill will announce a new promotion on Monday in partnership with several retailers to make it easier for shoppers to donate their never-worn or gently-used clothing or other goods.

"We're super excited about the opportunity to partner with several online retailers to make the act of donating to Goodwill a much more convenient process," Goodwill Industries International Vice President, Michael Meyer told ABC News.

The program, called the "Give Back Box," works by using a box from online purchases to send Goodwill unwated items using a pre-paid shipping label.

The box must be from one of the participating retailers, though it shouldn't be too difficult considering some of the partners include Overstock, Levi's, and Ann Taylor.

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Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Following the chaos of Black Friday, shoppers headed to the local mom and pop stores on Saturday.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Small Business Saturday, a day to raise awareness for local retailers, and a day for shoppers to buy gifts for the holidays.

President Obama and his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, spent some time shopping on Saturday, making stops at a small bookstore called Upshur Street Books, and a popsicle shop called Pleasant Pops where a worker recommended the shop favorite, a Strawberry Ginger Lemonade popsicle.

The event was launched by American Express in 2010, and in 2014 shoppers spent about $14.3 billion on the special day.

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killerbayer/iStock Editorial/ThinkStock(LONDON) --  Amazon reports it had its biggest sales day in the United Kingdon (U.K.) on this year's Black Friday, reports the BBC.

More than 7.4 million items were reported to have been sold on the website.

For the first time ever, retail analysis reported online sales estimated at one billion pounds, or $1.5 billion.

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Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images(HONG KONG) -- The latest electronics hack has hit an electronic toy maker.

According to a statement posted on Friday from VTech Holdings Limited, a hacker was able to access customer data found on its Learning Lodge app store database.

VTech sells electronic toys and educational items specialized for children.

The statement said the hacking happened on Nov. 14, 2015 and the "unauthorized party" potentially could have accessed names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, secret question and answer for password retrieval, IP addresses, mailing addresses, and download history.

The customer database "does not contain any personal identification data (such as ID card numbers, Social Security numbers or driving license numbers)" according to VTech.

VTech said the company has conducted an investigation, but so far no word on how many customers were affected.

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Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- It's one of the most interesting Black Friday deals this year.

This year, fans of Cards Against Humanity are participating in the Black Friday promotion, "Give Cards Against Humanity $5."

After customers provide their name and credit card information, they must check off a box that says, "I understand I am paying Cards Against Humanity $5 and receiving nothing in return."

In the past the makers of the raunchy board game have offered a variety of different Black Friday "deals" including one year's box of "literal feces" for $6.

According to the Cards Against Humanity website, at least $60,000 was made from donations as of Friday night.

Why isn't the company offering anything?

"On Black Friday, everybody is selling something," said a statement on the website. "We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing."
What are they going to do with the money?

"That’s for us to know and you to find out. We’ll make the announcement soon," said the game's website.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- U.S. stock indexes edged up after a shortened day on Wall Street, closing out the holiday week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 14.9 points to close at 17798.49.

The Nasdaq added 11.38 to finish at 5127.53, while the S&P 500 ended the session at 2090.11, up 1.24 from its open.

Retail stocks declined after smaller crowds headed to stores this Black Friday.
Urban Outfitters' stock led the decline with a 2.7 percent drop, followed closely by a 2.5 percent drop for Gap Inc. Retail giants Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney and online retailer also fell less than 1 percent.

Many retailers opened up their doors on Thanksgiving this year, giving shoppers a head start on savings. Walmart, Target and Macy's among the stores giving eager shoppers a jump start on their holiday to-do lists.

The Black Friday frenzy was in full force at Macy's flagship Herald Square location in New York City. An estimated 15,000 people poured into the store for the 6 p.m. opening on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping season.  Retailers make between 20 percent and 40 percent of annual sales during November and December.

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Getty Images(NEW YORK) --  Facebook has made a policy change that gives four months of paid parental leave to new parents.

"This expanded benefit primarily affects new fathers and people in same-sex relationships outside the U.S. It will not alter the existing maternity leave currently available to all employees worldwide," Lori Matloff Goler, Facebook's vice president of human resources, wrote in a post.

 Goler said the inclusive policy is "the right thing to do for our people and their families."

"We believe that fathers and mothers alike deserve the same level of support when they are starting and growing a family, regardless of how they define family," she wrote.

The announcement comes just days after CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would take two months of paternity leave when his daughter is born, calling it a very personal choice.

He added: "Every day things are getting a little more real for us, and we're excited to start this next stage in our lives."

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